Family Vacation, Zion National Park: CDC-SLC-CLT Delta CRJ200 and 737-800 Comfort Plus Review

The weekend is ending and it’s time to head back East. We had a wonderful weekend of hiking, biking, relaxing in the pool, cooking out, and spending time with family. Our family was flying out from Las Vegas and had an earlier flight than us so they left mid morning, just after breakfast. With our later flight we also had to drop off some rental climbing gear in Cedar City.

On our last day in Springdale we got some lunch at the Whiptail Grill before hitting the road back to Cedar City. Lunch was excellent and the weather was perfect for our highway blast in the Camaro. We kept the top down until we hit the freeway, because riding in a convertible at 80mph sucks.

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4 :Family Vacation, Zion National Park: CDC-SLC-CLT Delta CRJ200 and 737-800 Comfort Plus Review

     4.1: Cedar City Airport
     4.2: CDC-SLC, Delta CRJ200 Economy Review
     4.3: SLC Airport Transfer
     4.4: SLC-CLT Delta 737-800 Comfort Plus Review
     4.5: Final Thoughts

Cedar City Airport

Cedar City airport is tiny. It’s the smallest airport I’ve ever flown from, smaller than Gainesville or Roanoke. I love tiny airports, fast to get in and out of, no need to show up early. The downside is that connectivity is almost always poor. No exceptions here, CDC flys 10 flights per week, all to SLC.

We dropped off our rental Camaro and walked into the terminal. I saw the tail of a CRJ200 over the fence and assumed it was our. I later found out I was wrong and that there are 2 CRJ200s on the ground here. The first flight of the day was cancelled, guessing mechanical issues, but not sure.

Into the terminal, there’s nothing here. No food, no lounge, there is a bathroom outside of security.

Security was tiny, but they did offer pre-check so that was nice. Even had 2 “lines” but let’s not embellish, there was no line.

Here’s the gate, waiting area, and entire secure air-side of the airport. It’s one room with about 40 chairs. It is clean and cool, there’s also free wifi. Delta is the only carrier here and it’s pretty clear the gate agent knows the frequent flyers.

These are the amenities, a bathroom and a water fountain. It’s honestly more that I expected, I didn’t think there would be a bathroom here. The boarding process soon started, they were boarding from the rear as have been the norm for the last year.

CDC-SLC Delta CRJ200 Economy Review

Obviously no jet bridges here, but it was hot outside. I have boarded a fair few planes outside lately, but not using the stairs on the back of the door. I kinda miss that, makes it feel like a private jet. I do love boarding outside.

This picture is from after we landed in SLC, but they now have priority luggage tags for plane side valet tags. That’s a nice feature but doesn’t really matter much for a bus gate.

We were boarded right on time but it was hot on this plane. The CRJ200 doesn’t have the best AC and it’s 90f outside. CDC doesn’t appear to have a ground AC cart so relying on the APU is a loosing battle.

This flight is very full, all 50 seats taken and there are 3-4 lap children along too. Easily the most people I’ve seen on a 50 seat plane.

On our CRJ200 we took off to the South. The climb out was a little rough, but soon enough it smoothed temporarily. The standard onboard announcements were made and we were told it’s a 33 minute flight and unfortunately no service as it’s such a short flight. 

It was very hot on this flight. I fit in the seat, but I’m just not very comfortable.

Air on full blast and it’s still just hot. The CRJ is pretty under powered, when climbing it just doesn’t have enough guts to climb and run the air full blast.

The geography of this region is stunning, obviously, that’s why we were here in the first place. This is also an interesting flight, it’s intrastate and there just aren’t that many of those. I believe it’s actually the only one I’ve flown outside of Hawaii. 

At this point Val was not feeling well. The plane finally started to cool down once we started descending. It then started get rough again once we began our approach. So not it’s hot and rough, not a great combination.

Fortunately this is a short flight and we are soon on the ground. SLC is just in a beautiful area, I’m looking forward to making more connections here.

This is another bus gate, but that means we get to walk outside again. I do really enjoy the experience. Shows how large the planes really are, even a small plane like a CRJ200 is huge.

SLC Airport Transfer

Buses were waiting for us along with our gate valet bags. We didn’t have a long layover so no plans to visit the wonderful Skyclub.

Off the bus and into the bus terminal. We’ve got some walking to do at this point so we kinda need to keep moving.

We needed to change concourses and much like Detroit, there’s a tunnel. It’s not as fun but it’s functional. Apparently it’s not a permanent solution and in the next phases of the airport’s construction a new tunnel will be built in a more central location.

It reminds me more of the lax LAX than DTW.

Up into the terminal we were on the hunt for a bathroom and a quick drink. Val wanted a soda to help settle her stomach.

We headed for the gate and we both mentioned how crowded the airport was. It’s a pretty big contrast to our travels last Memorial Day weekend.

From the terminal and right onto the plane. Nice short layover. I’ve said it before, I don’t like long layovers or getting to airports early, it burns me a few times a year, but not this time.

SLC-CLT Delta 737-800 Comfort Plus Review

I love the look of the 737-800. It’s the Goldilocks of the 737 family.

No first class upgrade this evening. We did get a comfort plus upgrade, the best part was that the middle seat was empty. Poor mans first class for us this evening.

Plenty of space for me, but I’ll say, this is not the cleanest plane I’ve ever flown on.

This 737-800 is the older style that I’ve reviewed before. Perfectly comfortable, just older screens. 

Very glad to have the empty seat for all of our shit.

I also appreciated the power, with the short layover, the CRJ200, and the midday departure my phone was running a little low. I always travel with a battery pack, but I rarely use it.

Nice 767-400 sitting next to us at the gate. Nice piece of speed tape on the wing too.

We were soon underway. Mercifully, this plane is much cooler than the last. I don’t often get motion sickness, but the last flight was starting to push me. The combination of heat, CRJ200ness, and bumpiness was really just uncomfortable. 

This flight is scheduled to be 3:25 minutes. We left the gate a minute or two early and with a very short taxi to the runway, we are looking good for an early arrival. 

The standard announcements were made and we settled in for our flight. A few minutes of climbing and they began the snack service. Just the standard drink service like pre-covid. Soft drinks and snacks for free. I’m not sure how to feel about the switch to goldfish from cheese-its.

Flying east it get’s dark pretty quickly on these afternoon departures. I’m actually not sure if C+ includes alcoholic beverages these days, but I do know they are available for purchase. I would have partaken, however I’m tired and need to drive 90 miles when we land. 

Standard moodlights on. This was a mostly full flight, but a few seats were empty. About what one would expect from a holiday weekend flight.

I like to put the airshow map on the middle seat and then watch a show or movie on my screen. These older screens aren’t great but they get the job done. I would like to see them go, the 737 is starting to fly into GSP more.

After our 3.5 hour flight we came into a dark Charlotte.

Onto the ground and ready for our drive home. It was worth the effort to drive to CLT as we could then fly to CDC with a single stop.

Final Thoughts

This was a great family weekend. Flying out of CDC was fun, I love little airports. SLC is a great airport for a connection, even a short one is no worry. Delta was perfectly pleasant and right on time. I won’t mind it when the CRJ200 is retired, but for now, it provides a necessary service.

Intrastate flying is fun, I don’t think I’ve do that outside of Hawaii. There’s only a few dozen of these routes in the US, most are in Hawaii, California, and Alaska, and obviously those states with major hubs like Georgia or Utah.

I’d be glad to make this same trip again.

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