November Mileage Run: Idiot Flies Home


My day on a Delta 737-700 Economy Comfort, Delta MD90 Economy Comfort.

After visiting the Udvar-Hazy museum for a few hours I boarded a local bus (Fairfax Connector Bus No. 983) back to the airport. Traveling between the museum and Dullas costs $2 and takes about 10 minutes. The buses run every ~20 minutes during the museum hours. It’s easy to find outside of the terminal and at the museum. If I had more than a 2 hour layover at IAD, I’d be at the museum, it’s free as well.

Back at the airport, through security, off the train, and back in terminal B. I again attempted to visit the Turkish lounge and was again turned away. Priority Pass continues to disappoint. All of the other PP lounges were closed at this time.

I then walked to the Delta gates and asked if I could move to an earlier flight. I didn’t purchase a basic econ fare on the return as one wasn’t offered, this was useful as I was able to change to an early flight back to ATL. I was on standby for an early ATL-GSP leg as well. Though according to the agent, I was unlikely to clear. Either way I was soon on a 737-700 to ATL.

I was seated in 11B. An Econ Comfort middle seat. Kinda boring.

All of Delta’s 737s of all flavors have personal TVs. The -700 and some -800 are older but still work find, even if the screens are a bit small.

Once airborne I ordered a beer and some more Cheez-Its. I’m really a boring person.

Pink 420 for Breast Cancer Research month. It was November but close enough.

Here’s a shot of Greenville on the way down to ATL. I was hopeful to get home earlier than scheduled, but not optimistic.

Well, I didn’t clear the standby list for the early flight. So here’s what a Delta Economy Comfort seat looks like on an MD90 at 11:30PM.

Yep, Boring. Plenty of room so that’s nice. No TVs on the MD series.

And after a 26 minute flight, I was back in Greenville.

How very unexciting.

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