GNV-ATL-GSP: Delta CRJ and CRJ900 Economy and Comfort+ Review

So this is a pretty boring trip. Small airports, quick flights, and economy seats on regional jets. The Gainesville Florida airport is very small. It has 3 gates in one large room.

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1 :GNV-ATL-GSP: Delta CRJ and CRJ900 Economy and Comfort+ Review

     1.1: Gainesville Florida Airport
     1.2: Delta CRJ200 Economy Review
     1.3: Delta CRJ900 Economy Comfort Review

Gainesville Florida Airport

I had to use the bathroom, but there is only a very small single stall bathroom past security. So I left the secure area, went to the bathroom, and came back through PreCheck faster than waiting in the line.

Another interesting feature of this airport is that it is built at ground level. Most airports(even small ones) are built as two story buildings with things like baggage handling and other air-side operations on the first ground floor, and the second floor being used as the secure area. At GNV you walk up the jet-bridge into the plane instead of down.

Delta CRJ200 Economy Review

Soon we boarded. Most of these CRJs are quite old and are showing it. There are very few left in the Delta fleet and I’m glad to see them go.

I was in seat 8C, and exit row aisle seat. All the seats on this plane kinda suck. I’m not even sure if the exit row has more room.

Good enough for the 40 minute flight. No wifi, power, or entertainment on these planes.

Nice clear night.

Soon we were airborne and the flight attendant did a quick service. The only beverage options were water and coffee then we all got Cheez-its and Biscoff. Perfect for this short flight.

Soon we landed at ATL.

Delta CRJ900 Economy Comfort Review

Welcome to 8C on a CRJ 900.

I find the CRJ700/900 very comfy in First, Comfort+, and the exit rows. These planes have power at every seat, wifi, and on-device streaming.

Very quickly we are overhead of my house and looking down on downtown Greenville. This is a very fast flight and boring flight. All in a successful day of New Year’s day travel.

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