MKE-ATL-GSP: Delta MD88 and 737-900 Economy

After a few days in Milwaukee I was heading back home.

In This Trip

1: GSP-ATL-MKE. Delta 737-900 Economy, MD90 First.

2: Hilton Milwaukee City Center

3 :MKE-ATL-GSP: Delta MD88 and 737-900 Economy

     3.1: MKE Airport
     3.2: Delta MD88 Economy Review
     3.3: ATL Airport Transfer
     3.4: Delta Boeing 737-900 Exit Row Review

MKE Airport

Weird tip, walk downstairs through the terminal. It’s empty, the bathrooms are clean, and it’s an old relic from the Midwest Express days. No flights leave from here anymore.

Delta MD88 Economy Review

Anyway, here’s a teen something window economy seat on a Delta MD88.

Enough space for me, but I’m not tall.

No in seat entertainment on these planes. But they only fly short flights so it’s no big deal. You can stream to your own device for free, but I don’t bother.

Originally I had an exit row seat, but just before boarding I switched to this one. I’ll trade some leg room for an empty seat next to me. I’m short anyway, I like the empty seat more.

I like the MDs and 717. Lots of overhead space and one middle seat per row.

Once in the air we got some beautiful views over the lake.

Chicago is under that beautiful cloud cover somewhere.

Quick snack for the flight. Just a Coke and Cheez-its.

Nice nighttime flight.

After our quick 1:20 in the air, we landed in ATL. Right on time. I enjoy the “Fly Delta Jets” old school signage.

Then something funny happened at the gate. The jet bridge bumped the plane and it dislodged the emergency slide. They had to get maintenance to come secure/check/verify that opening the door would be ok. This made my 42 minute connection a bit tighter.

ATL Airport Transfer

Quick train and walk over to the T gates.

Walked up to this gate. Last one to board. Good enough.

Delta Boeing 737-900 Exit Row Review

So here’s 21A on the 737-900.

Because of the exit row, the seat in-front is missing. Unlimited leg room. I’m still not a huge fan of the configuration of these Delta 737s.

Because the in-seat screen is so far away, there is a remote in the arm rest.

Headphone port in the armrest too.

We quickly pushed back and while this picture is kinda junk, it was very clear that night on the ground.

These planes obviously have in-seat entertainment. They also have power in every seat, both USB and universal AC.

This is a really fast flight. 28 minutes. No service on this flight. You can nearly watch a whole episode of a show. Maybe 1.5 if it’s a 22 minute episode.

Here we are back at GSP. I don’t much like the Delta 737-900, especially on this route. It takes a huge amount of time to load and depart from. Especially if you are seated in the back. Oh, well. I’m home on-time. Good enough, very boring.

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