GSP-ATL-DAY Delta Economy Boeing 717s

This is a very boring work trip for me. 2 717s, back to back, via ATL. Well let’s get into it.

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1 :GSP-ATL-DAY Delta Economy Boeing 717s

     1.1: GSP Airport
     1.2: Delta Boeing 717 Economy (Exit Row) Review
     1.3: ATL Transfer
     1.4: Delta Boeing 717 Comfort Plus Review

2: National Museum United States Air Force. Dayton Ohio

3: Tru By Hilton Huber Heights Dayton Review

4: DAY-DTW-GSP Delta CRJ200 and 717 Economy and Comfort+

GSP Airport

This was a mid morning departure. It’s February so the weather is a bit weird here this time of year.

Inside the terminal at looking down the check in counters. GSP airport is very nice these days.

Walk through security. Never much of a line here, especially PreCheck.

I’m sure no one cares to see GSP again, but I’m going to show you anyway.

Delta uses the B concourse here at GSP.

I’m leaving today from B3.

I walked up just as the inbound flight was arriving. I love the look of the 717 without the eyebrow windows.

Delta Boeing 717 Economy (Exit Row) Review

So here is the exit row on the right hand side of the 717. Lots of leg room here. Power in every seat, both AC and USB.

No in-seat personal TV or tray table on the seat in-front.

Arm rest tray table. I don’t mind these as I’m not a large guy.

Unfortunately there is no arm rest on the window side. This is a bit annoying, but it’s a short flight.

Soon we are underway. Really gloomy day.

Short roll on the 717.

No service on these very short flights.

Quiet flight over to ATL.

Quickly we could see Atlanta.

And on the ground here in ATL.

ATL Transfer

I didn’t have much time, but I didn’t have far to go. Just a few gates over.

Soon we boarded. I’m not sure how I feel about the end of the terminal gates, sometimes they are empty, other times they are mobbed.

Delta Boeing 717 Comfort Plus Review

Here’s my window seat on the left side. Plenty of room.

All very normal.

Very meh outside.

Soon we were on the way.

The front part of any of the T-tail aircraft are very quiet. It’s pleasant.

Above the clouds it was very pretty.

Yep, Cheez-its and water. Kinda Boring Travel indeed.

About an hour later we could just see the ground again. Nice site to see from above…

Soon we landed into Dayton.

We went by the pens. I have no idea what they are for.

Still a very meh day.

Off the plane and on my way. GSP-ATL-DAY, very boring.

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  1. You lost me. You left us with its “boring”. Is that all you have to say? This is definitely not a review that much thought was conveyed to the reader. Boring?

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