GSP-ATL-SNA: Delta 737-900 and 757-200 Economy

This was my last trip before COVID-19 shut down traveling for me. This was a fun trip for my wife and I. It was a family wedding in beautiful California. I’ve been putting off writing this, but I figure now’s the time.

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1: GSP-ATL-SNA Delta 737-900 and 757-200 Economy Review

     1.1: GSP Airport Terminal
     1.2: Delta 737-900 Review
     1.3: Delta 757 Economy Review

2: SNA-ATL-GSP Delta 757-200 and 737-900 Economy Review

GSP Airport

Good morning from GSP airport. It’s early on a Friday morning and still nice and cool as it’s late Febuary.

Quickly though security and there’s our ride down to ATL this morning.

Delta 737-900 Economy Exit Row Review

I’ve said it before, I don’t much like these planes. Especially on this short hop. Takes forever to load and unload.

Anyway, here’s seat seat 20C. These are an exit row with only 2 seats on each side. There’s no extra leg room, they don’t recline, but there’s only 2 seats in the row. So it’s nice to fly with someone you know. No middle seat is always nice, though I think I like row 19 better, even if someone has to sit in the middle.

Misty morning here in GSP.

Older style(non bookcase) overhead bins. The mood lighting is always nice in the early mornings and late evenings. Much easier on the eyes.

Quickly transitioned into dawn and we are on the way to ATL. This is such a short flight so there is no service.

I just watched the map on this flight, not worth the effort to pick a show or the first 20 minutes of a movie. We landed shorty after.

Delta 757-200 Economy Review

We soon walked over to our next gate. I always love seeing the 757. It’s a very comfy aircraft to ride in. Plus, it’s a great looking plane.

We soon boarded and I settled into seat 20(something) B. It’s a middle seat on the left hand side. My wife was in the window.

This flight to SNA is long enough that I will certainly use the power and in seat entertainment.

This plane has been updated(like many of the Delta 752s) to have the book case style overhead bins. Really can put a ton of bags into these.

We soon pushed back and on the way to California.

Soon we are above the clouds and it was a nice smooth day for flying.

I watched Zombieland: Double Tap as my first choice. It holds up.

The clouds soon cleared and we had some beautiful views.

There’s both AC and USB power on these planes. It’s really nice, especially on these longer domestic flights to land with a fully charged phone.

I brought a Publix Cuban sandwich for lunch. Paired it with a Sweetwater 420. Always happy to burn a Have One On Us cert.

A little while later we could start to see the Southern California hills. Really beautiful day.

Coming in nice and low over Santa Anna

Quick stop on the short runway.

Finally into the terminal. Nice easy morning of travel.

I much prefer SNA over LAX. Especially because we are going to be spending this weekend in Orange County. Small airports are just better.

A little relaxing is in order.

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