SNA-ATL-GSP Delta 757-200 and 737-900 Economy

After A really nice long weekend of visiting family and friends in Southern California it was time to head back home. This was my last flight Pre-COVID. It was March 2nd, seems like forever ago. I miss travel.

In This Trip

1: GSP-ATL-SNA Delta 737-900 and 757-200 Economy Review

2: SNA-ATL-GSP Delta 757-200 and 737-900 Economy

     2.1: SNA Airport Terminal
     2.2: Delta 757-200 Economy Exit Row Review
     2.3: ATL Airport Transfer
     2.4: Delta 737-900 Economy Review

The SNA airport is a great airport if you are going to be in the area. I really dislike LAX so if I can, I avoid it. Especially if I’m visiting the Los Angeles area. A layover at LAX isn’t terrible, but leaving or arriving is rough. SNA makes it easy.

Running a bit late to the rental car return. This turned out to not be an issue, the airport was nearly empty.

We had an excellent Camaro SS convertible as our rental.

SNA Airport Terminal

We were quickly into the terminal. And got to watch our ride over to ATL arrive.

The 757 is just a great looking plane. It’s also the largest passenger plane to operate at SNA due to the short runway.

We soon boarded as Sky Priority.

Delta 757-200 Economy Exit Row

This was our exit row seats 27A/B are great. Lots of leg room, power at every seat(USB and 110V), and full recline.

As with most Delta planes, individual entertainment in each seat.

Beautiful day, seems to always be nice in this part of the world.

All loaded up and ready to go.

Beautiful Southern California Monday afternoon.

Turn back to the east and a wonderful view.

The drinks and snack service soon started.

I just had a coke and cheezits. I brought a sandwich from Whole Foods.

Beautiful day to fly.

With flying east, it soon got dark and the cabin mood lighting was in full display.

One last snack service. Yep, I’m boring.

We began to descend into ATL.

Very misty and gross out.

Landed into a wet and cold Atlanta.

ATL Airport Transfer

Quick ride on the train.

And to our gate at the end of the T terminal.

Delta 737-900 Economy Review

I don’t much like these planes, but this is a short flight.

They have in seat entertainment, but still, just not a comfortable plane.

We soon boarded and quickly we’re on the way.

Mood lights again. No service on this flight, it’s only 28 minutes.

Very gross on the way to GSP

Coming into GSP.

And here we are at a very wet Greenville Airport.

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