GSP-ATL-IND Delta 717 Comfort+ and Delta MD88 First Class. Flying in the time of COVID

So here’s a weird trip. This was a Memorial Day Weekend trip that I had planned for a long time. Friends of ours live in Indianapolis and we’ve been trying to attend the Indy 500 with them for years. Well 2020 was the year, we got our race tickets, parking, and flights. Then obviously everything changed with COVID. After some conversations, we decided to go, even if the race was cancelled.

Our friends(and us) had been very cautious and well isolated, we all would also be able to isolate after the trip, so we were all pretty comfortable with the visit. So we put on our masks and went to the airport.

On This Trip

1 :GSP-ATL-IND Delta 717 Comfort+ and Delta MD88 First Class. Flying in the time of COVID

     1.1: GSP Airport
     1.2: Delta 717 Comfort Plus Review
     1.3: ATL Airport Transfer
     1.4: Delta MD88 First Class Review

2 :IND-ATL-GSP Delta MD88 Comfort+ and Delta 717 Comfort+. Goodbye to the MD88

GSP Airport

We are flying out early on Saturday morning. We originally planned to fly out Friday evening, but that flight was cancelled.

The airport was completely empty. Very strange.

Usually this board is full. Sign of the times.

This was pretty much the entire passenger count.

Delta 717 Comfort Plus Review

Boarding was done rear to front and very quickly. I think the total passenger count was under 40.

While boarding, a single serving hand sanitizer was offered.

Delta has blocked off all middle seats. These 717s have power at every seat. But no in-seat entertainment. Doesn’t really matter, these flights are really short.

We soon pushed back. Little bit of a gloomy day.

They distributed snack bags. Very simple, Cheezits, water, Kind Bar, and more hand sanitizer. Very adequate.

We are very quickly into the air.

Very empty plane.

Soon we are descending into Atlanta.

And on the ground in a very strange ATL airport.

ATL Airport Transfer

We only had 40 minutes for our connection, but the airport was quite and we didn’t have any issues.

Delta MD88 First Class Review

Boarding again, back to front. Another pretty empty flight.

These MD88s are very comfortable. This is my last MD88 first class flight. I’m sad to see these planes leave the sky.

Power at every seat.

Soon we leave the gate on what turned into a beautiful day.

I know it’s Saturday morning, but I’ve never seen ATL so empty.

Same snack bag as before. More than enough for these short flights.

Really glad to be back traveling.

I’m very glad that Delta, and all the major airlines, have mandated masks.

Beautiful, smooth, quiet flight. The MD88 really is a great aircraft.

Sadly we won’t be attending the speedway on this trip.

Very empty here at IND

And into the terminal.

Every time I come here, there seems to be a new old race car. And as a lover of car racing, I always enjoy it.

And out to meet our friends. Very quiet and boring flight up to IND today. Weird times, but I’m very glad to be fortunate enough to fly.

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