Back to work travel: Lynchburg VA Hilton Garden Inn

Welcome to Lynchburg. I’ve stayed at this hotel a few times over the years. It’s a perfectly generic Hilton Garden Inn. I figure with COVID, there’s no reason to stay downtown when I’ll just be eating delivery alone anyway.

I’ve also decided to also stay at Hilton hotels for the time being. I’m pretty much a free agent when it comes to hotels, I pick the best hotel, in the best location, for wherever I’m going. But with COVID, Hilton has the best app with contactless check-in. I don’t have to talk to anyone, I can use a side door, and just let myself in.

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2 :Back to work travel: Lynchburg VA Hilton Garden Inn

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I never actually went to the front of the hotel, I pulled into the parking lot to the left.

I then went to the back entrance. I don’t really want to be around anyone.

At the rear entrance, you can use the Hilton App to get into the building. It’s honestly pretty great.

This is as close to the lobby as I got. They were not serving breakfast in the morning and I usually skip it anyway so no reason to venture that far.

The Elevator rules. I never saw another person in the hotel this whole trip. I’m not surprised, the parking lot was empty.

Welcome to a king sized room. It’s very generic. Bed, desk, chair, and TV. It’s a generic business hotel.

Hilton Garden’s have decent beds and pillows. This hotel isn’t super modern but it’s perfectly serviceable.

Desk and chair. I got good use out of this. Some trips I need to setup and get some work done away from the customer, this was one of those trips.

Luggage rack and stool used to put on shoes.

Coffee station, microwave, and fridge. This was nice to have around because I had leftovers from my delivery and takeout. I wish they would add a roll of paper towels to these stations.

Hilton has started bagging remotes with an “all clean” seal. Not sure it really means too much, but it’s a nice gesture.

Plenty of outlets near the bed.

Older style bathroom but more than clean enough. These aren’t high end properties.

It’s a bathroom. Not sure what else to say. Very boring.

There was a thermostat on the wall, but it didn’t work. So this works fine. The individual room units are important during COVID.

Ok, downsides, this is the view from my room. That white gravel, train tracks. The other times I’ve stayed here I was on the front of the building, this time I was in the back. I would avoid the back of the building next time. While it wasn’t My Cousin Vinny, it was a little annoying when it came by.

Ok, good things, there is a little sushi place a half mile away that makes awesome poke. You should check out Suzaku Cafe. Super good food, not fancy, but reminds me of Hawaii.

Final Thoughts

This is a generic Hilton Garden Inn. There’s nothing special about this place, it’s more than sufficient for my very boring visit to Lynchburg.

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