More Orlando, I Told You This Was Boring: Delta 767-300 Delta One (Domestic First Class) and Delta 717 Review

Time to head home again. At the time of travel, this was planned to be my last trip so I was very relieved. It was also my wife’s birthday, so I was happy to head home. Unfortunately I didn’t yet know I would be making this same trek the following week, but oh well, at least I was happy to go home.

Since Delta is flying the 767 into MCO, I’ve been selecting that flight on both directions, who doesn’t love a widebody. It’s also at really convenient times for my work travel. Well let’s get into it.

In This Trip

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3 :More Orlando, I Told You This Was Boring: Delta 767-300 Delta One (Domestic First Class) and Delta 717 Review

     3.1: MCO Airport
     3.2: Delta 767-300 MCO-ATL Domestic First (Delta One) Review.
     3.3: ATL Airport Transfer
     3.4: Delta 717 Economy ATL-GSP Review
     3.5: Final Thoughts

MCO Airport

Welcome back to MCO for the 3rd week in a row. Yes, my normal travel really is this boring.

Ok, little bit of a rant. This is the PreCheck line, literally every single person in this line was turned away as they were in the wrong place. The signage isn’t great and there is no one to direct confused passengers. Hell, a guy who went through the Clear line to the left was also in the wrong spot. He was also directed to the regular line.

Anyway, through security and rushing to catch the train on the left.

Looking back onto the main terminal building. I love a good train ride, but I really hate these ones at MCO. I just don’t like the terminal layout here.

Off the train and into the terminal.

At the gate people were starting to crowd, even though I was seated in First and could board immediately, I just hung out. There’s plenty of storage space upfront, and I don’t really feel like having half the plane pass by me.

The 767 is just a great looking plane. Anyway, let’s go home

Delta 767-300 MCO-ATL Domestic First (Delta One) Review.

This is an even row window seat. The odd numbered rows have a better window seat as the table is between the seat and the aisle instead of between the seat and the window, but on a free upgrade, I’ll take what I can get.

Tons of leg room in these lie flat seats. They are starting to show some age, but really, I don’t mind.

When I boarded there was a nice note waiting for me at my seat. Delta does a good job with recognition, I don’t like over the top, but this is appropriate.

The cabin wasn’t completely full, probably why the upgrades are easy on this route.

Good looking Skyteam 737-800 next to us at the gate. There’s quite a few of these flying around, I flew on one a few years ago, didn’t know until I landed and saw it.

Pushing off the gate and then following the Skyteam 737 to the runway.

And away we go. The flatness of this part of Florida is just astounding.

little pink houses as far as the eye can see.

When leaving this part of Florida, I always recommend sitting on the right. The view down to the coast is beautiful.

A little tip is to use the remote for the screen. These 767s have the old style resistive touch screen, these are often hard to use and out of calibration. Using the remote bypasses this problem.

When heading North, these flights usually have the perfect view of the coast. The standard service was provided, cheese-its and water are always appreciated.

Crossing to the South of the airport with Midtown Atlanta in view.

And on the ground here in Atlanta. There’s only a few times when I regret landing, this is one of those times. I’m perfectly content to just relax in my seat and enjoy the view. Oh well, all good things end.

At the gate next to another good looking 767.

ATL Airport Transfer

Into the terminal, I was original scheduled to depart in in 2 more hours on a 737-800, but our flight from MCO landed early and there was another flight up to GSP departing in just a few minutes. It was over in the B terminal so I headed briskly that direction.

The train was basically waiting for me when I got to the station. I hopped on for the quick ride. The airport wasn’t very busy, though it was a Thursday.

Into the B terminal I was hustling to try and make this flight.

I made it to the gate and asked the agent if there was any available space, they had already boarded and he was just waiting on a few people to show up before he closed the door. He added me to the standby list and said it was very likely I would make the flight. I took a second to look at my hopeful ride up to GSP.

Delta 717 Economy ATL-GSP Review

After a few minute wait, the agent walked over and asked me to board. I was so thankful to the agent, it’s Val’s birthday today and getting home early means we can enjoy dinner together.

Here I am in the second to last row. Yes, the seat sucks, but I’ll get home 2+ hours early, I’ll make that trade.

Leg room isn’t too bad, but again, I’m not tall. At least there’s no one sitting next to me.

But here’s the view. Yea, not great unless you really like view of the BR700. While it’s an interesting engine, I would prefer it be a little farther from my face and ear holes. At least I have my Sony XM3s.

Once airborne, my view didn’t get much better. Not really a surprise, but it’s a very short flight.

And on the ground here at GSP. Very boring 28 minute flight.

And out into the world.

Final Thoughts

The 767 is a great aircraft and I really like that Delta is using them domestically. They also seem to be very easy to snag an upgrade on. For years, my favorite Delta Medallion benefit has been same date changes, this trip is the exact reason why. Instead of sitting in a lounge alone, I get to have dinner with my wife on her birthday.

This is absolutely a boring trip and set of flights, especially because it’s the 3rd week in a row. But wait, There’s more, next week I get to do the same thing again!

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