Travel is Boring, Orlando Week 4: GSP-ATL-MCO Delta 737-800 Comfort Plus and 767-300 First(Delta One) Review.

Ok, this really is my normal life. Four somewhat unscheduled weeks in Orlando. I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, I don’t like Orlando. During COVID Orlando really sucks. I’m here to work, not play, but my ability to enjoy simple things like a meal out are gone. I’m also not very excited because this trip wasn’t planned in advance. It’s also turned into “one more week” 3 times.

Anyway, this trip is remarkably similar to the last 3 weeks. I once again find myself on a Delta 737-800 and Delta 767-300. I like both of these planes, and riding a wide body is always welcome so let’s get into it.

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1 :Travel is Boring, Orlando Week 4: GSP-ATL-MCO Delta 737-800 Comfort Plus and 767-300 First(Delta One) Review.

     1.1: GSP Airport
     1.2: Delta 737-800 Comfort Plus Review
     1.3: ATL Airport Transfer
     1.4: Delta 767-300 Domestic First ATL-MCO Review
     1.5: Final Thoughts

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3: Travel is Boring, Orlando Week 4: Delta 757 Economy and Delta 717 Exit Row Review

GSP Airport

Welcome back to a mostly closed GSP. The airport still isn’t running anywhere near full capacity.

The fast casual restaurants in the center concourse are still closed.

Along with the nicer sit-down places too. (Sorry about the crappy picture)

Dunkin was still open, because Dunkin.

Anyway, upstairs in the B concourse and down to my gate where boarding was already in progress. As I’ve said in the past, I don’t like waiting around in airports so I tend to arrive just in time for departure.

Nice looking 737 on a somewhat overcast October morning.

Delta 737-800 Comfort Plus Review

My ride down to Atlanta this morning. Boring Fact: the 737-832 indicates that this aircraft was originally order by Delta. The last two digits of the model number are customer specific on this generation of Boeing aircraft.

Settled into my comfort Plus seat. There’s plenty of leg room in these seats, even with my backpack on the floor, but then again, I’m not tall.

Old style IEF on this plane. I won’t lie, these aren’t great. They get the job done, but I much prefer the new capacitive touch screen versions.

Artful shot of the drizzle running down the plane. It’s just starting to get cold here in SC, not enough to need a jacket in the day time, but long sleeves are nice a night.

The plane is starting to fill up this Tuesday morning. Delta is still blocking middle seats so lots of room in my Comfort Plus seat.

Finally a clear view outside. A good thing about the lower traffic volume is there’s no waiting around after push back heading to Atlanta. Just taxi out to the runway and off we go.

The clouds were low this morning so we were quickly above them. Much nicer day up here.

We soon turned south and headed for Atlanta. No service on this short flight today.

The cloud cover started to clear. Not really surprising this time of year to have clouds in the morning and then sunshine when it starts to warm up.

After 28 minutes we approached ATL from the East. When we land this direction it’s a shorter flight.

On the ground after a very uneventful and boring flight.

ATL Airport Transfer

We landed in the A Concourse and my flight was departing from A as well. It made for a very short walk on my connection.

This was a nice short connection so I arrived at the gate as they were boarding.

Delta 767-300 Domestic First ATL-MCO Review

The 767 is a great looking plane. It and the 757 are a bit unique too. There aren’t too many 200-220 seat aircraft in the 5000 mile range. The 787 and 330 are bigger and have a larger range, the 321 and 737-9 just don’t have the legs or space. I like the 767 for these short hops, I always welcome a wide body.

I boarded towards the end of the process, no need to have the entire plane walk past me.

I was seated in 1A. When I boarded the flight attendant pulled me aside and informed me that another passenger had accidentally sat in my seat after the plane had been cleaned and fogged. They had wiped down the seat with the alcohol wipes, but it wasn’t the normal process. She said they could re-accommodate me but it wouldn’t be in First. I didn’t mind, I was very impressed they took the effort to even tell me.

I just took a little extra care to wipe down my area. I pay particular attention to the areas around my face, any touch points, the screen, and the arm rests. The same flight attendant came back by and asked me if she could take my bag for me. The overhead bins were full, that was a little bit of a surprise, I wonder if the previous occupant of my seat left his/her luggage when they moved. No big deal, she put my bag into the closet for me.

This is seat 1A, I don’t usually like the front row of aircraft, tends to be a little busy with foot traffic. This is a good seat and the foot well is a little large than the other rows as it’s part of the bulkhead.

But on these 767s, don’t forget your 2into1 adapter if you want to use your own earphones. My Sonys came with one and I use it more than I would have expected.

We pushed back and headed for the runway.

Another 767 waiting at the gate, this one was heading to JFK.

With a light load, these 767s really can climb. We were off the ground in under 5000ft of runway.

We made our turn south and I settled in for the flight.

I reclined my seat using the controls. These 767s are getting a little worn. They are scheduled to get a refurbishment in the coming years. That will be a welcome upgrade.

Turned into a beautiful day to do a little flying. These absolutely blue sky days make flying so enjoyable. The large comfy seat also doesn’t hurt.

Snack bags were distributed, I always enjoy a good cheese-it and water break.

Another tip with these seats is to use the remote for the IFE. These old resistive screens are often out of calibration and using the remote bypasses this issue.

I sat back and took a little nap.

The pilot told us it would be a very smooth flight. He was correct, turned into a lovely day up here.

We started descending into Orlando. I was oddly a little disappointed that the flight was coming to an end. It means that I have to stop my relaxing sky nap and actually do my job. I absolutely love my job, but sitting in a bed in the sky and eating cheese-its is obviously better.

Approaching into Orlando from the South.

Onto the ground.

At the gate with the agents waiting to greet us. Unfortunately they parked us in the wrong spot. The 767 loads from the most forward door, MCO doesn’t see too many of these and they parked us on the 757 lines. The 757 loads from the second door, so they couldn’t make the jet bridge fit. We ended up having to sit down and they pushed us back a few feet so that we could unload.

Final Thoughts

Delta as usually is doing a good job dealing with COVID precautions. I’m not excited about 4 weeks in Orlando, but if I have to do it, I’d rather fly the 767. It’s just such a comfortable plane for these short hops. Even with the jet bridge mishap in MCO, we were still a few minutes early. Delta really needs to work on it’s branding for Delta One/First/Business. This product is labeled as First because it’s domestic, but if it’s international it’s Delta One which is a Business class product.

This is a kinda boring trip, it’s not made any better by the fact I’ve done it so many times.

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