Austin Texas Vacation: Delta A321 Economy and Delta 737-800 First Class Flight Review

After our long weekend in Austin it’s time to head home. We chose a nice late flight to enjoy a little more time with our friends. I really like Austin as a city and the Austin airport. It’s big enough to get lots of coverage, yet small enough to not be unbearable. On the return we were not as lucky to get upgraded on both legs this time, just the really short ATL-GSP leg, from AUS-ATL we’re just in economy. Anyway, let’s get into it.

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1: Austin Texas Vacation: Delta 737-800 First Class and Delta A321 First Class Review

2 :Austin Texas Vacation: Delta A321 Economy and Delta 737-800 First Class Flight Review

     2.1: Austin Airport and Skyclub
     2.2: Delta A321 Main Cabin Review
     2.3: ATL airport Transfer and Skyclub
     2.4: Delta 737-800 First Class Review
     2.5: Final Thoughts

Austin Airport and Skyclub

AUS Airport Concourse

We arrived at AUS about an hour early. The Airport here has really grown in the last few years and they are planning to continue that into the future. There was a small line at the PreCheck area but we’re through in less than 5 minutes. We then headed to the Skyclub. 

AUS Airport Skyclub

The Skyclub here in AUS is great. Really a large space and has an outdoor area. They had the makings for tacos as the hot offering. We both went for that along with a coke. I love a good outdoor area at the airport, even if it’s a little rainy today. Especially these days with COVID.

AUS Airport Skyclub

Austin loves Austin and Delta has really embraced the oddities that are Austin. It’s one of my favorite domestic destinations.

We then got a boarding notification and walked to the gate. This is the newer part of the airport so it’s a little bit of a walk from security, but this airport feels a lot like a giant GSP airport, I’m a fan.

Delta A321 Main Cabin Review

Delta A321 at AUS airport gate

Our ride over to Atlanta this afternoon. I really like the A321, it’s a nice ride on these somewhat short flights. My only complaint is that there’s not overwing exit rows that provide a poor mans Comfort Plus.

We boarded towards the end as they are still boarding back to front. We’re just carrying backpacks too so there’s no need for overhead space either. 

Delta A321 Economy Class leg room

Onboard here in my middle seat. We’re not actually in Comfort Plus here, we’re in the row behind. I usually steer clear of this row as C+ usually has extra recline and that can take up some space. As normal, power in each seat.

Delta A321 Economy Class In seat entertainment

Personal entertainment in each seat, I went with Schitts Creek today, great show.

Unfortunately no upgrades on this flight. But that’s no big deal, it’s only a 2 hour flight. It was raining today, kinda rained all weekend. 

Once we were airborne I was kinda expecting a rough ride but it was a really smooth flight. A flight attendant made the standard announcements and that service would start soon. 

Nice view of the flatness that is Central Texas. Lots of new subdivisions going in out here.

After we were at our cruise altitude the pilot gave a brief announcement about flight time, weather, and then turned off the seatbelt sign. All very standard pilot things. I like the overhead panel on the A321, it’s not quite as futuristic as on the A320/319 but it’s nice and clean.

Delta A321 Economy Class Snack Service

The flight attendants soon began their service. The girl sitting next to me ordered a Bloody Mary and I had a few “have one on us” drink coupons so I offered to give her one, when Val saw this she also ordered a Bloody Mary. Delta extended the expiration dates on last year’s certificates through the end of July 2021 so got to burn them. 

Because I’m very boring, I just had water and almonds. Please bring back the Cheese-its.

It was a nice day for flying, very smooth. When I finished my movie we were just crossing over Alabama and had about 35 minutes left in flight. The pilot then came on and let us know that we were beginning to descend. 

Delta A321 Economy Class Cabin

The flight attendants then made rounds to collect trash from the meal service. 

Traveling east is a bit of a bummer. Pretty sunsets and clouds but loosing time isn’t fun. 

Delta A321 Economy Class Landing

Into Atlanta on what appears to be a very nice clear day. Much better weather than we had in Austin all weekend.

And at the gate next to the Boeing competitor to the A321. They still both fall a bit short of the Boeing 757 in my book.

ATL airport Transfer and Skyclub

We arrived into the B Concourse and our flight to Greenville was out of A so we headed for the train.

We headed upstairs to the A Concourse Skyclub for a quick snack. Not a long layover here today, I like that.

Our boarding gate is right in the middle of the concourse, super easy to get to.

Delta 737-800 First Class Review

While we were upgraded to First, we’re also in the first row and have zero desire to have the entire plane walk by us, especial me sitting in the aisle seat, so we boarded pretty close to last.

Our ride to GSP looking very lovely in the evening here at ATL.

Delta 737-900 First Class Seat

I don’t usually choose a bulkhead, just not my favorite. Ended up here because these were the only two seats available next to each other. This one does have tons of leg room though so that’s nice. 

Delta 737-900 First Class Seat Entertainment

On this flight, it was the first time since 2020 that I’ve seen pre-departure beverages offered. Nice to see even though I didn’t have anything, just didn’t feel like it. It’s late, I’m tired and ready to be home. 

These 737s are about 10-15 years old but you wouldn’t know on the ones with the upgraded screens and overhead panels.

Because this is a bulkhead there’s USB power and a headphone jack right here in the arm rest. This is pretty common also on exit rows.

Delta 737-900 First Class Seat Lighting

The pilots came on and gave their welcome and told us it’s a 30 minute flight tonight. Also that they wouldn’t be turning off the seat belt sign. They then closed the door and we were ready to push back. The flight attendants made the usual announcements and we watched the safety video. They dimmed the lights and turned on the mood lights here in First.

We took off to the east, love that, real time saver on this short flight. Not sure why, but whenever they made an announcement, it was really loud and crackling in my head phones. Like really uncomfortable. 

The flight attendant noticed my Detroit shirt and asked if I lived there. While I don’t anymore, I did and my family still does. She lived in Detroit and was a flight attendant for Northwest. We talked about flying through Detroit in the NW days and the 747s to Japan. 

Anyway, after a very short climb we are heading back down. The flight attendant was really great, she did a quick pass through the cabin for any drink requests. Again, nothing for me, but nice for those who did. 

Delta 737-900 First Class Seat Landing

Back into GSP. It’s funny, for years, I really didn’t ride on many 737-800s, now, I’ve had almost a dozen flights in the past 6 months. 

Final Thoughts

It was a great weekend visiting with friends. Being upgraded on 3 out of 4 flights is always a welcome experience, even if it’s just domestic first. Delta does a good and very consistent job with these flights, it’s not fancy but it is very solid.

The Delta Skyclub is my second favorite in the system after Salt Lake City. If you have time, I’d highly recommend checking it out.

I’m glad to be home but I’m also thankful to be traveling again.

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