Wife almost didn’t make it to day 1 of new job: Marriott Albuquerque Review

The next stop in my trip was the Marriott Albuquerque hotel!

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     3.1: Marriott Albuquerque Hotel Overview
     3.2: Marriott Albuquerque Room
     3.3: Marriott Albuquerque Bathroom
     3.4: Marriott Albuquerque View
     3.5: Final Thoughts

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Marriott Albuquerque Hotel Overview

Marriott Albuquerque Exterior

The Marriott Albuquerque hotel is situated right off of I-40 in an area called Uptown Albuquerque, where there is a lot of shopping and chain restaurants. I got to the exit near the hotel and it looks spooky! This definitely belongs on the sub-Reddit r/evilbuildings!

Marriott Albuquerque pool area

This picture of the pool was from the next day, through a window near the elevators which overlooked the pool.

Unfortunately, when I arrived at the hotel I was too tired to take any pictures of the lobby, and headed straight to my room with the mobile key. Well actually, first I parked on the conference center side and tried to use my mobile key to get in but for some reason it didn’t work. Some kid was coming outside and let me in, so I did pass by the lobby to ask why my key wouldn’t work. I also didn’t know what room I was in because I didn’t see the number hanging out on the top left of the screen. Talk about too tired for life!

Marriott Albuquerque Room

Marriott Albuquerque King bed room

I got up to my room and took a few pictures before crashing in bed for the night. The room was pretty nice, and was an interesting shape. I enjoyed having a king bed and a sofa, which usually just collects all of my clothing.

Marriott Albuquerque King bed

Marriott Albuquerque Bathroom

Marriott Albuquerque King room bathroom
Marriott Albuquerque King room bathroom

My first day of work was early in the morning so I needed to get some good sleep! Unfortunately that didn’t happen, partly because of first day of work jitters but also because this hotel is right next to the highway! In the dead of night it did quiet down, but also the mini fridge kept me awake too with a very loud humming noise.

I was too tired to investigate how to unplug it, but the second night I found where it was plugged (into the outlets in the lamps hung next to the bed, kind of a weird spot to plug a fridge in…) and definitely unplugged it. My second night sleep was a little better after that.

Overall the room was relatively clean, although I did notice a spot that was probably missed on one of the nightstands as I was just about to put my phone down. Gross! Thankfully they left some sanitizer wipes so I was able to wipe it down and then never put anything on top of that nightstand afterwards (just in case…)

Marriott Albuquerque View

Marriott Albuquerque King room view

The next morning I woke up and took some pictures of the view. My room at the Marriott Albuquerque was on the 8th floor out of 15 I believe. Pretty nice, and then I saw…

Hot air balloons! There were about a dozen or more of them in the skyline each morning. I guess it makes sense to go up in a hot air balloon in the early morning while the air is still cool, because otherwise I doubt it would even function later in the day when the air temperature is much hotter!

I could also see the pool from my room. This is the outdoor portion, and later on I realized when I saw the pool from the elevator area that the pool transitions from outdoor to indoor. I loved those kinds of pools as a kid!

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Marriott Albuquerque was a very nice, modern, and (relatively) clean hotel. It was conveniently located along the interstate for my commute to work, and also near a lot of restaurants which made it easy to get something delicious for dinner after a long day of work.

I decided to go outside for breakfast and coffee because the hotel doesn’t have free breakfast or even free coffee in the lobby, and the breakfast is really expensive even for a continental. Good to know if you like staying in a place with free or cheap breakfast.

I don’t know why but I ended up never taking any pictures of the lobby of the hotel! Oops! I had plenty of time to do so, and I’m sure I thought about it, but I was very busy during this trip and I’m not too aware of the fact that some things would be good for the blog. Sorry!

Another thing to note about this hotel that I didn’t take a picture of is the bar area in the lobby. They will let you take a beer up to your room! (not sure if this is extra or normal, I don’t do this often) This was nice when I got dinner after my first day at work and just wanted to eat my dinner and drink a beer in bed and then go to sleep immediately after. The mini fridge would have come in handy for any leftover sushi, but I was so hungry I didn’t have any leftovers.

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