Trip To Las Vegas: Delta 767-300 Economy Review

After 5 days in Vegas I’m ready to go home. I’ve said it a few times, Las Vegas isn’t my favorite city. I really should come here and not stay at a casino. Anyway, today I’ll be reviewing a Delta 767-300 in Economy from LAS-ATL. I should try to experience Las Vegas as a city and not as a tourist destination. I love some of the surrounding area like the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon, but The Strip really doesn’t interest me.

The Delta 767-300 is an aircraft I’ve reviewed several times in First/Delta One but I’ve not yet reviewed it in economy. I usually enjoy riding in the 767 in economy. It’s a comfortable plane and the 2-3-2 seating is really great. You’re never more than once seat away from an aisle and there only one middle seat in each row. I have a connection in Atlanta today along with my second flight to GSP on a Delta 737-900. Anyway, let’s get into it.

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     5.1: Las Vegas Airport
     5.2: Delta 767-300 Economy Review
     5.3: Delta 767-300 Economy Flight Review
     5.4: Delta 767-300 Economy Snack Service
     5.5: Delta 767-300 Economy Landing
     5.6: Atlanta Airport Layover
     5.7: Delta 737-900 Economy Class(Exit Row) Review
     5.8: Final Thoughts

Las Vegas Airport

LAS Airport Curbside

I grabbed a cab at my hotel and we hit the road. There’s very little traffic at this time of morning and we made it to the airport in less than 15 minutes. It’s funny, I walked outside the hotel and there were 4-5 people with luggage staring at there phones, I assume they were waiting on Uber or Lyft. There were a few cabs waiting in the Taxi line. Going to/from the airport is a flat rate, from Resorts World the rate is $27. The fare estimator from Lyft shows $32-36, why would you wait on a ride share when cabs are faster and cheaper.

Las Vegas Airport Security

Once inside I headed for security, I went to the clear line and I’m still not sure if clear has any value. It was slower than the regular PreCheck line. I was about 2 people behind where I would have been sans clear and just using PreCheck. I absolutely would not renew Clear if I was paying for it out of pocket.

I then walked to the train, I’m really not a fan of the layout of LAS. It can take a very long time between curb and gate especially when I’m heading to the D gates. The Layout is a lot like MCO, there is a head of house that contains security but to access many of the gates, you need to take a train.

Las Vegas Airport Tram

Once off the train I headed to the Centurion lounge for a quick breakfast. This is a very nice space, check out my review.

I only had about 15 minutes so I was soon interrupted by the boarding notification on my phone. The Delta app also is back to telling what zone is currently boarding so I’m glad it’s returned. The Las Vegas Airport is interesting, it’s the only place I know of where you can smoke and play slots while waiting for a flight.

Delta 767-300 Economy Review

The gate area was very full, unsurprising as this Delta 767-300 is completely sold out. No upgrade for me today, not even an exit row, just regular economy.

Delta 767-300 At LAS

Our Delta 767-300 waiting to take us over to Atlanta this early Wednesday morning. I don’t usually like to fly this early, but I wanted to get home and flying back east burns a lot of time.

Delta 767-300 Economy Boarding

I boarded with my zone and found my window seat. Unfortunately I ended up next to someone who didn’t want to follow the mask rules. Nose constantly poking out.

The captain made a very friendly welcome announcement. Joking about flying to Jamaica or Aruba instead of Atlanta. Lots of dad jokes. The 767-300 in economy is a pretty good ride.

Delta 767-300 Economy Seat

2-3-2 seating is just better than 3-3. The only downside is the overhead bins on this plane are the older style and don’t hold that many bags. Fortunately the flight attendants were on top of their game and quickly got everyone and their things situated.

Delta 767-300 Economy Leg Room

The leg room in the regular economy seats is adequate, but like I’ve said, I’m not very tall. I didn’t find it uncomfortable even with my backpack at my feet. There’s also power in every row. A 110v universal port is at our shins, and there’s a USB port in the seat back entertainment screen.

Delta 767-300 In Seat Entertainment

While not the newest in the fleet, these screens are more than adequate and much better than some of the older resistive touch screens that are floating around. The selection was pretty good too, I’m glad that Delta is continuing to update this and keep it from becoming stale.

Delta 767-300 Economy Flight Review

As we pushed back the flight attendants made their announcements and began the safety video. We then had a few minute wait. The dick head next to me decided to take up as much space as possible. Really encroaching into my seat, I had to push him off and take up all of the space I’m entitled to. I really don’t like inconsiderate seat mates and this guy really checks all the boxes.

After sitting on the ground for 20 minutes we got an announcement from the captain that we have some sort of mechanical issue. He called it a computer issue that would hopefully take 10 minutes to resolve.

I settled into an episode of Schitt’s Creek and relaxed. Fortunately my seat make got the message after me crowding the seat line.

10-15 minutes later the pilot came back and told us that everything seemed to be working again. He then asked to prepare the cabin for departure and we started rolling.

Delta 767-300 Take off from LAS

We headed for the runway and looks like we’ll be taking off to the north. Our take off was very short, according to the numbers beside the runway, we used about 6000 feet. Our plane must be very light today, not surprising, we’re only flying 2k miles and this plane can easily do 6k miles full of people and cargo.

After we took off we made our right turn to the east. It was actually a little cloudy today, there’s also been some smoke in the area due to the fires out west. The flight attendants made the announcement about what services are available and that a beverage will be offered along with some snacks.

Delta 767-300 In Flight

I then started my 3rd episode of Schitt’s Creek, unfortunately we’re only about 5 minutes into this flight and we have 3.5 hours to go on our Delta 767-300.

Once we broke through the top layer of clouds it became very sunny. Lots of people became pretty active, even though the seat belt sign was on. I’m just in a cranky mood and don’t have a lot of patience today. At least the view was nice.

Delta 767-300 Economy Snack Service

Delta 767-300 Economy Snack and Drink Service

Once we reached out cruise altitude, the pilot came on and told us about our flight today from Las Vegas to Atlanta. He turned off the seatbelt sign and there was an even bigger rush on the bathroom.

The flight attendants then came through the aisles with the beverage carts. They started at the front and we’re working their way back through the economy cabin. That’s a huge advantage of the widebody aircraft, two aisles means most of the time you can still get to a bathroom, even during the service.

As we crossed into New Mexico I got a Coke and almonds. I really miss the cheese-its, almonds are good, but there’s just something fun about cheese-its. Yes, I just described cheese-its as fun, but I like them.

Delta 767-300 In flight view

I settled into the flight with another episode of Schitt’s Creek. Lots of clouds out today so not as good of a view as one would normally get flying east from the Western US, but not bad. The captain then turned on the seatbelt sign as it was getting a little rough again. He also then asked the flight attendants to return to their seats, he fortunately mentioned this should only be for 15-20 minutes. No worries for me.

Delta 767-300 In flight cabin

Soon enough things smoothed out and the seat belt sign was turned off. The flight attendants then came through and collected the trash from the snack service. Over Texas the cloud layer broke and we got some nice views of the Texas panhandle.

Delta 767-300 in seat power

I have my phone plugged into the USB port, it’s charging very slowly, about 20% in an hour. I just don’t want to dig through my bag to look for my 110v adapter. It’s pretty common for these USB ports to be very low power. Seems like this is especially true on the Delta 767, still better than nothing. Admittingly I am taking pictures, tracking my flight, and using my phone a good bit so that never helps.

Crossing from Oklahoma into Arkansas the clouds returned, the cabin was a little warm today. I guess I prefer that to being too cold. I like using the overhead vents to have a little air movement.

The cloud cover did completely vanish and we got a great view of the Southern US. That big 767 wing really is a sight to behold from up close. I’ve been riding on so many narrow bodies, the 767 seems huge.

Delta 767-300 water service

Over Little Rock the flight attendants came around offering another beverage service. Just water for me this time, we only have about an hour left in the flight and I’m mostly just tired. But it’s important to drink lots of water when flying, always helps be feel fresh when I land instead of dehydrated and wiped.

I started another movie, but I probably won’t have time to finish it, I figured Ferris Bueller’s day off is the perfect choice for that, I enjoy the movie but I’ve seen it plenty so no worries if I don’t finish it.

Once again, the seat belt sign was turned back on. We began crossing though some clouds as we made our way across Arkansas and into Mississippi. It wasn’t anything heavy, all in, this flight has been pretty smooth, another advantage of the widebody.

I started another movie, but I probably won’t have time to finish it, I figured Ferris Bueller’s day off is the perfect choice for that, I enjoy the movie but I’ve seen it plenty so no worries if I don’t finish it.

Delta 767-300 Economy Landing

About 40 minutes before our scheduled landing it started to get a little rougher. Mid afternoon flying over the sunny south will do that. Our Delta 767-300 caption asked the flight attendants to sit down again. Looks like it’s slightly cloudy down here today.

As we started to decend, the captain made his landing announcement. Said the weather would be very pleasant and that we would be on the ground in about 20 minutes. So even with our slight departure delay, we’ll be just about on time. Either way isn’t a big deal for me today, I have just about two hours for my Atlanta Layover.

Looks like we’ll be landing to the west today. Got a great view of the airport between the clouds as we passed to the north of the airport.

On the ground here in Atlanta. As a kid, this was my favorite view in the world. Watching all the activity on the wing fascinated me. The mechanics of all of those system working in unison is still amazing to me. I’m an engineer, I work on mechatronic systems, I have a ton of respect for the people who designed these systems. It’s hard work.

Atlanta Airport Layover

We arrived into the A concourse and my flight to Greenville is departing from the B concourse, however I have a nearly 2 hour layover so I’m going to head to the F concourse to enjoy the Skyclub.

I headed for the train, Check out my Atlanta Airport Connections Guide for more information about layovers here at ATL.

Delta Skyclub Outside Skydeck

Upstairs in the Skyclub I headed straight outside to the Skydeck. Especially during Covid, the outdoor areas have become a great place to relax. Sitting on the bar I saw a can of Barritt’s and I immediately wanted a Dark and Stormy, I miss Bermuda and this was a great little way to relax with a chicken teriyaki bowl.

Soon enough it was time to head back to the B Concourse to catch my Delta 737-900 up to GSP.

Delta 737-900 Economy Class(Exit Row) Review

I arrived here at B2 right at the trailing end of the First Class section. Perfect timing and I boarded with the Sky Priority group. I’ve reviewed the Delta 737-900 in economy several times, so I’ll keep this brief.

The Boeing 737-900 taking us up to Greenville this afternoon. I’ve talked about this before, but the -932 designates that this plane was originally ordered and delivered to Delta Air Lines. the x32 is Delta’s customer code.

Delta 737-900 Economy exit row seating

Seat 20E or 20B on the 737-900 isn’t bad. It’s not great though, I’d rather be in 19 or 21 A/F but those weren’t available.

Delta 737-900 Economy exit row leg room

The 737-900 isn’t my favorite Delta aircraft, but these seats are better than standard economy. The benefit here is that there are only 2 seats in this row. There’s not really any extra leg room, but I do fit just fine.

Delta 737-900 Economy exit row in seat entertainment

These planes have started to creep back into Greenville. I’m not sure how to feel about it, I miss the MD88/90***link. They might have been old, but they were so comfortable. The 737-900 does at least have seat back entertainment in every seat so that’s a benefit, but this flight is so short it almost doesn’t matter.

The captain made his boarding announcement and did the standard pilot routine of weather, flight time, and thank you. There was apparently a stray bag left in the jet bridge, the flight attendants were searching for it’s owner while we finished up boarding.

It was pretty warm in our Delta 737-900 today. I don’t much like the overhead vents on the 737-900, they are very small and don’t provide much air. This 737-900 has the split winglets, the first flight I rode with this was back in 2014 between ATL and MCO. Most of Delta’s 737-900s have them, but not all.

Delta 737-900 Economy view

The flight attendant then did her exit row safety briefing. The door was soon closed and we watched the safety video. We were pushing back about 4 minutes early, always great to see. After it ended, I plugged in my phone and started an episode of Bob’s Burgers.

In this seat there isn’t any extra leg room but there’s only one person between me and the aisle. There’s also a window so it’s better that being in a regular middle seat, but there are better seats on this plane. The row in front of me is better, as are pretty much all of the Comfort Plus seats.

We took of to the East, great news on our short flight. It’s been a long week and I’m ready to get home. We took a slight turn to the North East and still sweating our butts off, headed for South Carolina.

Delta 737-900 Economy cabin

The flight attendants made their announcements and told us this flight would be 29 minutes. I started another episode of Bob’s Burgers and was slightly encouraged that it was starting to cool off in the plane. Still not comfortable, but not as hot as it once was.

We soon reached 18k feet and the pilots came on to tell us that we had reached our cruise altitude, we’re descending, and that we’ll be on the ground in 15-20 minutes. These flights are very short. Honestly, if you boarded in first class you might spend more time sitting on the ground than in the air.

It’s a nice, clear, smooth day for flying here in the South East. I’m still ready to land and get home.

Final Thoughts

The Las Vegas airport is perfectly adaquate for it’s needs but does remind me a bit of MCO with it’s train system. It’s also very funny to see slot machines in the airport, I guess if you’re in Vegas and like to gamble, might as well keep that rolling for the whole trip. The Centurion LAS Lounge is very nice and was a perfect stop for a quick breakfast before my flight home

The Delta 767-300 is a very comfortable ride in economy. 2-3-2 seating is just better than almost everything else, there are just fewer middle seats to worry about. The wide body is also more comfortable and convenient than a narrow body on a trans-con flight.

I’d gladly schedule more flights like this and would look out for and choose the 767 in most cases.

The Skydeck in the Atlanta F Concourse Skyclub is worth the detour if you have time. Sitting outside is very relaxing, especially in early fall when the weather is very pleasant.

The Delta 737-900 is perfectly pleasant for the short flight, but I will always miss the MD88/90.

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