Hawaii Vacation: Delta 717 Economy Review and Delta 757 Economy Review

Welcome to my vacation! The first leg of the trip and review is a Delta 717 in economy. Yep, pretty boring and almost the exact same as many of my other work trips I’ve reviewed. Then I’ll be connecting to and reviewing a Delta 757 in economy from Atlanta to Seattle. Connecting in Seattle is really rare for me, being based in the South East, Seattle is not really my backyard, so I’m excited to check it out.

Why am I doing this review as 2 parts? Well, today we’re flying to Kauai, and getting there from GSP takes a minimum of 3 flights. Putting all 3 flights onto a single report seemed too much so I decided to break it into 2 different reviews. In this review, I’ll be covering the Delta 717 in Economy and then the Delta 757 in Economy. I’ve flown both of these types of planes a lot, there’s not much that’s very exciting here. In the second review I’ll check out the Seattle Skyclub and then the flight from SEA to LIH.

The Delta 757 flight is a somewhat long one so that will be a nice comparison with the recent 767 economy flights I’ve had lately. It will also me a good comparison with how current flights compare with pre-Covid.

In This Trip

GSP Airport

GSP Airport Entrance

It’s been raining here in Greenville for about 5 straight days, today was no exception. We were a little late leaving for the airport but traffic is light and we soon arrived to the airport about 50 minutes before our flight. We trudged through the rain to the terminal and went through security.

We walked up to the gate just as they were pre-boarding, perfect timing. They soon called sky priority and we boarded and found our exit row seats on the Delta 717. These planes are great for couples, 2+3 seating is just better.

Delta 717 Economy Review

Boarding and Departure

Delta 717 Waiting at gate

As usual the plane was very talkative, GSP people just cannot help but yap. The sun was just starting to rise as we pushed back a few minutes early of our 8am departure. The pilot and flight attendants made their announcements and informed us of a 33 minute flight today. Because of the weather it would be a little bumpy today, all very normal things.

The airport is still doing some construction so we went to the runway to taxi back. Looks like we’ll be taking off to the North East today, that explains the slightly longer flight time on this rainy morning. We did have a slight hold at the end of the runway, not unusual going into Atlanta these days. Plenty of leg room and power on these seats.

After a few minute wait, the pilot came on and told us we’d be departing soon and asked the flight attendants to prepare for departure. We were soon away and into the clouds.

Delta 717 Economy Seat and Service

Delta 717 Leg room

There’s plenty of leg room for short people like me. There’s also power in each row.

There is no in seat entertainment offered. It’s not really a big deal as these Delta 717 routes are all pretty short. I don’t think there are any that are much over 2 hours.

Flying between the layers of clouds we got some great sunrise views. As we climbed further we got quite a few good bumps, like real turbulence, not that light stuff. Lots of gasps from people around me and some pretty good movement of everything around me.

Once we climbed through the top layer things smoothed out and we were greeted again by some wonderful views.

Delta 717 Cabin

To my surprise the pilot then turned off the seatbelt sign and the flight attendants made a quick walk through the cabin to check on everything and everyone. No service on this short flight, but looks like we’ll be right on time.

8 minutes later we were heading back down to Atlanta. Pilot told us we’ll probably be about 5 minutes early to the gate, perfect for us and our short connection. There are several other flights today that could have gotten us to Kauai today, but I like our planned routing.

Delta 717 Economy Final Thoughts

Delta 717 ATL Landing

Unfortunately we didn’t land as early as expected, our 48 minute connection turned into a 38 minute connection very quickly.

All in, these Delta 717 economy flights are perfectly pleasant. They serve the role intended for short hops from smaller cities to larger hubs. The exit rows are very comfortable with lots of leg room. The 2-3 seating in economy on the 717 is great for couples.

Atlanta Layover

Having a short layover in Atlanta isn’t a big deal, just walk quickly and move with purpose. There won’t be time to get a meal but making the next flight was our priority. We clearly don’t have time for a Skyclub stop today.

We landed into the C Concourse here at Atlanta. Our next flight is departing from the E Concourse so we have a little bit of a trip to take, could be worse, but it’s not across the hall.

A few stops on the train went by very quickly.

And into the E terminal. We had received the boarding notifications on our phones while walking. I knew this flight was pretty full and wanted to make sure we got space for our bags in the overhead bins.

Delta 757 Economy Review

Delta 757 Boarding Process

When we arrived at the gate, they were already boarding zone 2. We hopped into the line that was streaking up the jet bridge and out of the door into the gate area. At least we are boarded.

Delta 757 waiting at the gate

Our 757 ride looking to take us up to Seattle. It’s still just mid-morning and the weather is a bit variable right now.

Delta 757 Economy exit row seating

We found space for our luggage and took our exit row seats. These Delta 757 Economy seats have more leg room than the regular economy seats, but they have rigid arm rests, that doesn’t bother me but I know others are not a fan.

Delta 757 Economy Seats

Delta 757 Economy Leg room

Plenty of leg room in these seats, even with my backpack stored under the seat in front of me. There’s also power in each row, great for on these longish flights to keep our phones charged.

This plane has the old style IFE screens. I didn’t realize there were 757s still configured this way. No big deal, but the selection on these isn’t as good and the screens are a bit lacking in comparison with the new style.

Then bad news, the sound from my IFE didn’t work. I could hear any announcements made over the PA but nothing from my movie. Serious bummer on a 5 hour flight. Once we’re in the air I’ll connect to the wifi and hopefully stream something to my phone.

Delta 757 Economy Cabin

This was a pretty full flight but it seemed like there would be plenty of overhead space for everyone. That was good news, especially for our seat mate who was one of the latecomers.

Delta 757 Departure and Takeoff

We pushed back and followed out a lovely a330-200. The rain here in Atlanta has stopped so that’s good news. I forgot to charge my headphones last night so I plugged them in to get a quick burst to hopefully last me this flight.

We taxied out to the runway and took our place in line. The lady sitting next to me what very nice, but extremely talkative. I thought it was pretty common knowledge that once someone puts on headphones, they’re not really interested in having a conversation. Oh well, at least she was pleasant.

The flight attendants passed through the aisles with headphones as we continued our climb. Pretty smooth flight so far but for some reason it’s a little warm, might just be me after our gate to gate hustle. At least the air flow is good our of the vents on this Delta 757.

Delta 757 Economy In Flight Review

I’m a little surprised the seatbelt sign is still on. I’m also being a little impatient, I kinda need to use the bathroom. No time between flights and I’m starting to feel it. Soon enough the pilot came over the PA and announced the seatbelt sign would be going off and that he’s expecting a nice smooth flight.

Delta 757 Economy Cabin

I took my walk to the back of the plane to use the bathroom. The 757 does have a mid cabin lavatory, but I didn’t want to get trapped by the beverage cart.

Delta 757 Economy In Seat Entertainment

Delta 757 Economy In seat Entertainment

Anyway, my IFE failure is a good reminder to always keep a backup entertainment plan. I always have a few dozen show episodes and a hand full of of enjoyable movies downloaded on my phone. I do the same with my tablet but didn’t bring it along this trip. Didn’t think I’d need it.

Anyway, I’m glad these planes have power in each seat to keep my phone charged and me entertained.

Delta 757 Economy Service

I love riding on the 757. It’s just an aircraft that has no equal. The A321 is close but just doesn’t have the same presents as the 757.

Checking on the Delta app, looks like we’ll be arriving and departing at the same gate. It’s extremely likely we’re on the same aircraft for our flight to Kauai too. I kinda wish we were on one with better entertainment options, but at least we’re in different seats next time, hopefully the other seats have fully functional IFE.

Delta 757 Economy Snack service

The flight attendants began their service as we crossed over Tennessee, looks like it’s going to be a nice day of flying. These exit row seats really do provide a good amount of space. Both row 26 and 27 have plenty of leg room, but row 27 also has the ability to recline while 26 does not.

Over Missouri it started to get a little choppy and the captain turned on the seat belt sign. Nothing major, just a few little bumps. We could see the cloud layer below us change slightly and get much closer to our altitude. We had some snacks and just sat back and relaxed. I’m glad to see Goldfish on this flight instead of the almonds. Much preferred by me.

The lady next to me was very nice but seemed to have a hard time sitting still. She was constantly changing what she was watching, getting something from her bag, getting a snack or drink, and just fidgeting. Kinda annoying when I’m just trying to relax and your seat mate is constantly moving and wiggling the seat. Oh well, takes all kinds I guess.

The flight attendants were being nice and proactive about collecting trash. Good attentive service today on our Delta 757.

I feel badly for Val, there’s a kid sitting behind her and he’s not exactly well behaved. I understand kids are not the easiest to control on a flight, but constantly kicking her seat is pretty bad. The child’s mom is trying, just sucks for everyone.

Somewhere over Nebraska the seatbelt sign was turned off and the cloud cover slightly dissipated. There’s really not much to talk about on the landscape. It’s flat and boring, not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just not particularly interesting.

Delta 757 Economy Decent and Landing

With about an hour remaining in the flight, seems like lots of people were getting a little restless. Several people got caught out by the beverage service carts making a comeback. I’ll admit I’m getting a little tired of being on a plane. Unfortunately we have another 6 hour flight after this one. Fortunately it’s to Hawaii!

As we crossed over the border into Idaho we got a great view of the mountains. The flight attendants finished their second service as we’re about 45 minutes from Seattle.

As we passed over the beautiful mountains the pilot made an announcement that we’re going to be landing in about 20 minutes. The weather was 52F and that it’s partly cloudy. All pretty typical pilot stuff. The views were just incredible as we descended.

I’ve not spent nearly enough time in the western US, especially the Pacific Northwest. We did hit a little turbulence as we crossed the mountains, but the sight of them crossing through the clouds is just phenomenal.

Delta 757 Final Thoughts

Delta 757 Economy Seattle airport arrival

We soon landed and found our way to the gate. This was a perfectly pleasant flight but I was a little disappointed that my In Seat Entertainment didn’t have sound. The service was also perfectly pleasant for this 5 hour flight. Two beverage and snack services is good enough in my book.

The leg room in the exit row of the Delta 757 Economy seats is very adequate. The power provided is always welcome, I used it to charge both my phone and my headphones.

Landing into Seattle has amazing views, for an East Coaster, the West Coast mountains are incredible. Next up will be the Seattle Delta Skyclub, Delta 757 Economy to Hawaii, and the Entry procedure for Hawaii during Covid.

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