Mokulele Airlines Review MKK-OGG and Transfer Terminals at OGG

After spending 2 days on Molokai it’s time to continue our Hawaiian vacation on The Big Island. This will be another review of Mokulele Airlines, this time from MKK-OGG. As with getting to Molokai from Kauai, getting to The Big Island of Hawaii will take 2 flights with a stop somewhere. For this portion of the trip, we chose to connect on Maui. I’ll also be showing how to make a connection between Mokulele and any other airline at OGG. This all makes the most sense geographically and time wise. Mokulele Airlines flies between Molokai and it’s hub on Maui. We could ride on Mokulele all the way to The Big Island, but we chose to switch to Southwest at OGG for the hop to KOA.

This change of carrier was mostly due to Scott over on Sanspotter’s experience. I was nervous that Val or I would get sick on the flight, and that transferring to a larger plane would be better. Turned out to be a complete non-issue and I regret not using Mokulele for the entire trip. I really loved the experience and will gladly chose Mokulele whenever I can in the future. On this particular trip, we are in for some of the best views I’ve ever had from an airplane.

Once we landed on Maui, we’ll be connecting to Southwest Airlines. Southwest uses a different terminal at OGG, I’ll show you how to get from Mokulele’s terminal to the main OGG terminal. Anyway, let’s get into the first part of our trip.

In This Trip

MKK-Molokai Airport Review

MKK airport terminal

The Molokai Airport is very small. As I’ve said in the past, I love small airports, this is the smallest I’ve visited. This is the walk back to the terminal from the Alamo Rental Car office. No need for a shuttle here, just walk across the street and parking lot.

This is the MKK airport curbside. As is required, there’s a Toyota Tacoma. These little buggers are pretty much the un-official truck of Hawaii. I really like the Tacoma so it’s fun to see all the different generations and body styles of Tacos running around town.

Molokai Airport Check In

Here are the two check in counters at the Molokai Airport. The on the end is for Mokulele Airlines. The one on the left was for Hawaiian Airlines. Hawaiian no longer serves Molokai and that counter is closed. We checked in for our flight and then headed back outside.

Molokai Airport Baggage Claim

This is baggage claim. Nothing fancy here, just a large bench that luggage is deposited on. We sat here, waiting for our departure. It’s nothing fancy, but I love this style of travel.

Mokulele Airlines Cessna at Molokai

Great views of the airplanes though from baggage claim. We sat here while waiting for our departure. Much better views than what’s inside the terminal.

Inside the terminal there are a few sitting areas, bathrooms, and water fountains. Nothing too special here.

Speaking of inside, here it is. This security equipment was used by the Hawaiian Airlines flights. Now that those flights don’t exist, this equipment sits unused. Mokulele Airlines doesn’t have any security process and so you can arrive to the airport later.

Again this is the now disused Hawaiian Airlines gate. Gate 2 is all roped off now and no-one uses those gates. Molokai uses the other gate that has no security check point.

Molokai Airport Boarding Gate

This is Moloaki Airport’s gate 1. This is where our flight to Maui departed from.

Review-Mokulele Airlines Molokai to Maui

After a few minutes of waiting, the Molulele agent came and called for boarding on our flight to Maui. We were again assigned seats by row. This time Val and I are both seated in row 2. Not all of the seats will be filled this time, only 7 passengers today.

Mokulele Airlines

This time we’re on a plane with the classic Mokulele livery. The boarding process was similar to last time. We were led out to the plane by the co-pilot who then helped us up the stairs and onboard.

Sadly, this plane has a bulk head and curtain. So after the captain gave her boarding and safety announcement, the curtain was drawn and we didn’t get as cool of a view as last flight. We we’re warned however that “on the way out will be a bit of a rodeo, but should smooth out once we’re up.”

Mokulele Airlines View of molokai airport

Once onboard the door was shut and we quickly were heading away from the terminal.

We headed to the runway. We’re the only plane on the ground here at MKK right now.

Mokulele Airlines In Flight Views

We took off to the north east today. We were in the are very quickly today, a nice strong wind will do that.

Mokulele Airlines View of molokai departure

The ocean was soon in view. Flying over Molokai is interesting, I’ve had a good amount of time to reflect on our visit and I really enjoyed it. It’s an interesting place, not really designed for tourists.

Mokulele Airlines View of molokai departure

We soon crossed over the Northern coast of the island. The cliffs here are just incredible and the views that we had from our Mokulele Cessna were unforgettable.

Mokulele Airlines View of molokai departure

Out the right side of the plane, where Val is sitting, the views are even better. If you have the ability, sit on the right.

Being eye level with the island is indescribable. The big Cessna windows are perfect for sight seeing. I cannot believe the views, this is some of the most stunning scenery I’ve ever seen.

Mokulele Airlines View of Kalaupapa

This little spit of land has a very sad history. Kalaupapa is intentionally cut off from the outside world. It was where people suffering from Hansen’s disease (leprosy) were quarantined. Today there are still a few patients who live there, they are no longer required to stay there because of modern medicine.

Mokulele Airlines View of Kalaupapa

There is an airport on the very northern tip. People are allowed to visit, but only if invited or on an official tour. I’d love to visit some day, but with Covid, all tours are closed for now.

We were treated to more amazing views of Molokai. This really is just amazing.

Mokulele Airlines View of Molokai Cliffs

We flew up the norther coast of Molokai as we headed to Maui. The distance between MKK and OGG is only 46 miles. You can see Maui from Molokai.

Mokulele Airlines View of Molokai Waterfalls

Seriously, people pay thousands for a helicopter tour. Forget that, just fly Mokulele, you’ll get even better views.

Mokulele Airlines View of Molokai

Here’s the most eastern point of Molokai. In the distance is Maui. This really isn’t a long flight.

Mokulele Airlines View of Molokai

Less than 48 hours ago we drove that road to the inlet. It’s amazing to see from the air.

We pointed our nose to Maui and crossed the channel. At this point the ride was very smooth. Climb out was a little bumpy but that had passed.

Mokulele Airlines In Flight Amenities

Mokulele Airlines Air vent

Overhead there is an air vent and reading light. The air vent was well used as it was pretty warm in Hawaii. I didn’t use the light as I was just glued to the windows.

There’s also a headphone jack. I’m really not sure if it works, if it does I imagine Mokulele might not want you using it.

Mokulele Airlines Seats

Like before, bags just kinda go at your feet. No issues for me.

Mokulele Airlines OGG Approach and Arrival

Approaching OGG with Mokulele Airlines

The crossing from Molokai is short and we approached Maui from the north.

Landing at OGG with Mokulele Airlines

Seeing how densely populated Maui is in contrast to Molokai is fascinating to me.

Landing at OGG with Mokulele Airlines

On approach, we had to make a big circle to sequence into the airport.

Landing at OGG with Mokulele Airlines

We got to see the port area. I love ports, they are such a cool piece of infrastructure.

We were finally back on our approach.

Landing at OGG with Mokulele Airlines

We landed and quickly exited the runway.

Mokulele Airlines has it’s own ramp and terminal area. We taxied to it where 2 other Mokulele Cessnas were waiting.

We soon parked and the door was opened.

We exited through the rear right again. They however opened both sides to get to the cargo that we have been carrying.

Mokulele Airlines Cessna

We waved goodbye to our amazing ride. I really loved this experience, I absolutely cannot wait until I get the chance to ride on Mokulele again.

We followed the pilot to the side and exited through a gate. There we walked towards the terminal.

Waiting for Luggage at Mokulele

We waited at the end where our luggage was delivered to us. If we had a connecting Mokulele flight we would go back into the terminal, because we didn’t we exited the ramp area.

Transfer Terminals at OGG

Here on Maui, Mokulele uses a different terminal that all the other airlines. Getting between the two isn’t that difficult, it’s about a 10 minute walk. No need for a bus or anything here. Connecting to or from Mokulele here at Maui is easy and here’s that process.

Transfer Terminals at OGG

Walking out of the Mokulele ramp area there is a gate.

Transfer Terminals at OGG

Walking out of the gate, you can see the main terminal off to the left.

Transfer Terminals at OGG

Cross the street and head towards the terminal area. This isn’t too bad with small roller bags, but with large bags this would be a pain in the butt.

Transfer Terminals at OGG

Keep walking and cross the street again. Fortunately the OGG airport is small and this street isn’t crazy crowded.

Looking back on where we just came from. Mokulele Airlines uses the Commuter Airlines Terminal.

Transfer Terminals at OGG

We continued heading towards the main terminal. Passed the taxi pickup area.

Following the roadway around to the right. The OGG airport is classic Hawaii, lots of mixed indoor and outdoor space.

Keep on walking and here’s the arrivals area for the main terminal. The departures area is just a little bit further.

Transfer Terminals at OGG

Keep following the road down and the main terminal is ahead on the left.

Transfer Terminals at OGG

And inside the main terminal. Here’s all the check-in counters and entrance into the security check point.

From end to end, the process of transferring from the Commuter Airlines Terminal to the Main Terminal at OGG only takes 10 minutes. It’s all walking, no bus.

Final Thoughts

Welcom to Kahului

I loved flying with Mokulele Airlines. They are not only extremely professional, but it was so much fun and enjoyable. The views of Molokai and Kalaupapa are incredible.

I’m a little disappointed we’re connecting onto a Southwest Airlines flight, I should have just booked Mokulele all the way to KOA.

Anyway, we have just about 2 hours to connect to our next flight. Southwest does depart from a different terminal but here at OGG that’s just a short walk.

All in, I’d gladly fly Mokulele again. In fact I’m looking forward to it.

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