Flight Review: Delta 767-300 First Class (Delta One) SEA-ATL

This is the final leg of out trip home from Hawaii. Today we’re riding on a Delta 767-300 in First Class. Just like the A330-900 we just rode on, and the 767-400 I rode to Vegas a few weeks ago, on domestic flights, the Delta One cabin is sold as First Class. This Delta 767-300 First Class review is pretty similar to the other domestic first trips on a Delta One aircraft I’ve taken, just a little longer of a trip.

When I booked this flight, it was sold as a Delta 757-300. While waiting in the lounge I checked our seats for our next flight. To my surprise I saw that we had a plane change to a 767-300. That’s a little bitter sweet, the 767-300 is more comfortable but now Val and I are sitting way far apart. Also our original plane was a 757-300 and that’s an interesting plane that I’ve not reviewed for the blog. It’s not particularly different from the 757-200 when it comes to passenger experience, it’s just longer.

There’s also a small Delta 737-900 review at the end here. It’s not particularly exciting and is something I’ve shown lots of times in the past, but I’m going to talk about it again, because otherwise this wouldn’t be Kinda Boring Travel.

In This Trip

Seattle Airport Boarding

SEA Airport South Terminal

We headed out from the lounge over to the S concourse here at SEA. As we were coming up the escalator I got the boarding notification on my phone, perfect timing.

SEA 767-300 Boarding

The gate agent was making an announcement that there was a plane swap and seats will have changed. And to sit where you are assigned at first and then once the door closes, you can swap around.

Delta 767-300 First Class-Delta One Seats Review

Delta 767-300 Delta One Seat

We walked right onto the plane and found our seats. I’m in 1D and Val is 2A. This is my seat on the right side of the Delta 767-300 First Class cabin. This is just regular first class service today, even though the seat says Delta One.

Delta 767-300 Delta One Seat

Because I’m in row 1, the foot well is larger in my seat. I don’t usually like the bulkhead seats on any aircraft, not sure how I feel about these.

Delta 767-300 Delta One IFE

The in seat entertainment screens on the Delta 767-300 are not nearly as good as on the previous flight. They are serviceable though and the selection is good.

On my left is a power port, headphone jack, and reading light. Always nice to have these items on a 5 hour flight. Headphones were provided, but I used my Sonys.

Delta 767-300 Delta One Seat Controls

As I’ve reviewed before, the Delta 767-300 is getting a little tired. They are in the process of being updated, but that’s not happened for this plane yet. Here you can see the seat controls are a little worn.

Delta 767-300 Delta One Seat Remote

Pro trick on these older screens, they are oftentimes out of calibration and clicking some buttons is difficult. Use the remote, it works perfectly and won’t have those miss-hit button issues.

Delta 767-300 Delta One Seat

From Val’s seat on the left hand side of the plane, you can see that the even numbered window seats are closer to the aisle than window. It’s not a huge deal, but it does feel a little exposed.

Delta 767-300 Delta One Seat Side Table

It also separates you a little from the window. So if you like to see outside, again, the odd numbered Delta 767-300 seats are better.

Delta 767-300 Seattle

The flight attendant came around during boarding and asked if we wanted lunch after we took off. The three choices were a Italian ham and cheese, fresh mozzarella and tomato, and a salad with chicken. I opted for the Italian ham with just a water. I’m very boring.

Delta 767-300 Seattle Takeoff

They soon closed the door and started the safety video. The flight attendants also came through and collecting any trash we had.

As we pushed back I put on Back to the Future. Haven’t seen that in a while and I need a medium distracted, not a good distraction, just something entertaining.

I guess the good news about sitting on opposite sides of the plane means we’re guaranteed to get some good pictures regardless of what direction we take off to.

Delta 767-300 Delta One Departure

The captain came over the intercom and couldn’t have been more stereotypical. I loved it, “welcome on board our beautiful Boeing 767-300er aircraft, built just north of us here by my dad and many others”

“We’ll be heading over to runway 16 Left, taking off to the south. Forecast for a smooth flight at 37k feet, but over Wyoming we might have a few bumps. Our routing is SeaTac we’ll make a left, cross St Louis, head to Nashville, and then into Atlanta. Weather should be nice, touching down right around 7:30, 4:45 minutes in route today.”

Delta 767-300 Delta One Departure

We taxied out to the runway. Got to see all the Alaska planes parked, I do really like their livery. I need to fly them one of these days, they just don’t serve the airports I frequent.

Delta 767-300 Delta One Departure

After takeoff we got some amazing views of the mountain. I really need to come back to this part of the world and explore.

We made our turn east and settled in. The pilot turned off the seatbelt sign as we climbed over Eastern Washington.

Delta 767-300 Delta One Leg Room

There was a bit of a run on the bathroom at this point. Several people jumped up and ran to the can. I put my seat into relax mode and kicked back.

The view outside was incredible as the flight attendants distributed our meal choices and drinks. While everyone else munched on their lunch, I just waited. I’d much rather take my mask off once everyone else has finished and replaced theirs.

Delta 767-300 First Class Meal Service

Delta 767-300 Delta One Meal Service

I also decided to have an old fashioned with my lunch. I really enjoy these TipTop pre-mixed cocktails that Delta is now serving.

Delta 767-300 Delta One Meal Service

Routes like these previously would have a hot meal, but I honestly don’t mind just having a sandwich or salad. Especially around lunch time, a sandwich, chips, and a cookie is absolutely a meal in my book.

The Delta First Class sandwich was pretty good, it was ham, some sort of sharp cheese like provolone or asiago, arugula (that I’ve really come to enjoy on a sandwich), red pepper, and some sort of oil and vinegar. It was pretty tasty. The chips were good as was the cookie.

The flight attendants are very good on this trip. Lots of attention and making sure we have everything.

I plugged my phone in and decided to recline a little bit more and relax after my lunch. Clouds below blocked any view I would have had above Wyoming. I’m really enjoying flying these wide-bodies on this trip. There’s something that’s just really comfortable about them.

Delta 767-300 First Class Bathroom

Delta 767-300 Delta Bathroom

Pretty standard bathrooms here. They were clean enough for our entire trip. A major advantage of the Widebody is the larger bathrooms.

I also like the foot peddle flush.

Delta 767-300 First Class In Flight Review

Delta 767-300 Delta One Cabin

The flight attendants made another round with the snack basket. I got some goldfish to snack on later. My movie ended so I switch to TV shows. The lights were dimmed and the cabin was quiet.

Near the Missouri and Kansas border, the clouds thinned and I spotted this interesting looking lake.

Delta 767-300 Delta One Sunset

Crossing over Tennessee the pilot came on and told us we’re about 30 minutes from landing, the weather would be really nice, 70f and calm. Soon after the fasten seatbelt sign came on and the flight attendants began to prepare for landing.

Delta 767-300 Delta One Landing

It’s very pretty outside this evening.

Delta 767-300 Atlanta Landing

Delta 767-300 Delta One Landing

All the usual things, trash pickup, seats and tray tables. Outside the sun is starting to set. Flying like this really makes it feel like we’re loosing a day. At least we’re comfortable while doing it.

Delta 767-300 Delta One Landing

We soon landed. We’re one step closer to home, but I’m very tired. Flying east is such a time suck. 3 hours of time change plus a 5 hour flight and it really feels like you loose a ton of time.

Delta 767-300 Delta One Gate

And into the gate here at ATL.

ATL Airport Layover

ATL Airport Transfer

Relatively short connection here today at ATL. That’s good for me, we just need to make our way over to the F Concourse for our flight to GSP.

Quick ride on the train and we are at the F Concourse.

ATL Airport Transfer

Today we’re departing from F6. Not often do I depart from the F concourse heading for Greenville, but it’s nice when we do.

Brief Delta 737-900 First Class Review: ATL-GSP

Delta 737-900 First Class Boarding

We boarded the Delta 737-900 that is taking us home to GSP.

Delta 737-900 First Class Cabin

We found our seats in the Delta first class cabin. This is a very short flight, so not much is going to happen here.

Delta 737-900 First Class Leg Room

The leg room is adequate and the seats are comfortable. It is just a standard first class recliner seat.

Delta 737-900 First Class IFE

In seat entertainment is provided on pretty decent screens. Short flight but it’s nice to have something distracting.

Below the armrest is power for each seat.

Delta 737-900 First Class Service

Water bottles and hand sanitizer was also provided at each seat.

Delta 737-900 First Class

We were soon away on the way to GSP. Nighttime flying is always fun, but traveling for an entire day is just exhausting. 4 flights is too many, but it is what it is.

Delta 737-900 First Class Landing

We began our approach into GSP, there’s no service on this short flight, just 28 minutes in the air.

Delta 737-900 First Class Landing

And on the ground here at Greenville-Spartanburg.

Final Thoughts

These were the final legs on our amazing trip to Hawaii. The Delta 767-300 First Class product is ageing, I’m glad they are updating them. The seats are plenty comfortable and on these daytime flights, I honestly really like it. The meal service was good, a hot meal is good, but these sandwich boxes aren’t half bad.

I love having the ability to just lay down and relax on these somewhat transcon flights. The widebody aircraft is just superior when it comes to comfort. While these might be marketed as First Class, they have the same seats as Delta One.

The Delta 737-900 in first is just a standard domestic recliner. Nothing amazing and it’s just a 28 minute flight so I’m not expecting 5 start dining.

I’m glad to be home but sad our Hawaii trip is over.

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