Flight Review: Delta CRJ900 First Class and Delta 717 Economy Flight Report

Flight Review: Tallahassee to Greenville via Atlanta. This is a route I’ve flown before, though I can’t quite remember if ever on a Delta CRJ900 in first class. I’ve been on the CRJ900 in first class plenty of times, just not from TLH. Not that it’s a particularly different experience.

In Tallahassee we had a few minutes to kill before our flight so we went to the observation deck. This is a little known feature at the TLH airport that feels very old school and is a great place to kill some time before a departure or while waiting on someone to arrive.

The second flight review will be of a Delta 717 in economy. This is another flight that I’ve reviewed several times. The route, aircraft, and class of service have all been reviewed, but I’ll do it again.

We woke up this morning to a delayed flight notification, nothing major, just 30 minutes. Still never great seeing a delay nearly 12 hours early, though I guess it’s better than waiting around the airport all day. We have plenty of time between flights in ATL so I’m not worried. Anyway, let’s get into this flight review.

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1 :Flight Review: Delta CRJ900 First Class and Delta 717 Economy Flight Report

     1.1: Tallahassee Airport(TLH) Observation Deck
     1.2: Delta CRJ900 TLH Boarding
     1.3: Delta CRJ900 First Class Review
     1.4: CRJ900 ATL Arrival
     1.5: ATL Airport Transfer
     1.6: Delta 717-200 Boarding Process
     1.7: Delta 717 Exit Row Seat Review
     1.8: Delta 717 ATL Departure
     1.9: Delta 717 In Flight Review
     1.10: Delta 717 GSP Arrival
     1.11: Final Thoughts

Tallahassee Airport(TLH) Observation Deck

We arrived at the TLH airport about one hour before our flight was scheduled to depart. We’re planning on checking a bag home so need to get here earlier than I usually would.

The Tallahassee airport has grown up since I first started flying from here. There’s this nice little lounge area in the landside of the airport.

Where we’re heading is way better though. TLH has a little known observation deck, it’s landside so you don’t pass through security before going upstairs.

Once upstairs, keep heading towards the runway and down the hall. This is where the airport management offices are.

Once at the end of the hallway is the observation deck. It has a great view of the airfield and all the gates here at TLH. There are a few benches to sit on and relax.

It was an amazing sunset tonight here at TLH. That is a CRJ-900 waiting at the gate, but not our gate, that is AA, we’re flying Delta tonight.

Soon we watched as our plane landed. Because the Observation deck is landside, we still need to leave a few minutes to get through security. But this being Tallahassee, shouldn’t be an issue.

Delta CRJ900 TLH Boarding

After leaving the TLH observation deck we went through security and then to the gate. When we arrived the agent was calling for pre-boards. Perfect, just on time.

Our Delta CRJ900 waiting at the gate to take us to ATL. B-1 here at TLH has been Delta’s primary gate for as long as I can remember.

We soon boarded and found our seats. The CRJ900 has 12 first class seats in 4 rows of 1-2 seating. Because we’re flying together, we chose seats on the 2 seat right side of the plane. Our pelican cases fit perfectly in the overheads so we don’t have to gate check, always nice.

We quickly boarded our Delta CRJ900 in First Class and it’s not a particularly full flight, there’s even a few empty seats here in first class.

There’s plenty of room here on the CRJ900 in first class. Our backpacks go under the seat in-front and still leaves lots of room.

There’s also power in each seat. This is great as it’s late in the day and charging our phones, when I’m writing a notes for my Flight Reviews I tend to drain my battery.

Right on our new delayed departure time we pushed back. The pilots gave their welcome and the flight attendant the safety announced.

Delta CRJ900 First Class Review

It’s pretty cold out, for Florida, same with Atlanta, only scheduled to be 29f when we land. As we taxied to the runway the cabin lights were dimmed and we settled in for our 46 minute flight to Atlanta.

We took off to the west then made our turn north towards Atlanta.

Once in the air we were offered a quick beverage service, because the first class section is pretty empty, we both decided to have a drink. I had a Hazy Sweetwater and Val had a Woodford.

We were also offered a pass at the snack basket. Cookies for me and snack mix for Val.

Nice quiet flight for the next few minutes. The flight attendant came around and collected trash. The pilots didn’t turn off the seat belt sign on this short flight, but it was very smooth for the whole flight.

The pilot then came on and told us our gate of arrival and the weather again. The lights were turned on for the flight attendants to do a quick trash pickup and safety check.

CRJ900 ATL Arrival

We landed into ATL only a few minutes behind our scheduled arrival. Even with the delayed departure we’re pretty close to ontime.

And at the gate here at ATL.

ATL Airport Transfer

In ATL we arrived into the D Concourse. The ATL D Concourse is a smaller Concourse that Delta mostly uses for smaller regional planes. It wasn’t particularly crowded when we flew.

We took the PlaneTrane over to the C Concourse here at ATL. We had a long enough layover that the slight delay on the incoming flight didn’t matter for us.

Delta 717-200 Boarding Process

Delta boards by zones and we’re in SkyPriority due to my Delta Medallion Status.

We found our seats on the left hand side of the Delta 717. We’re in an exit row tonight so we get some extra leg room.

Delta 717 Exit Row Seat Review

The Delta 717 is a pretty comfortable aircraft. I much prefer its 2-3 seating configuration over the 3-3 seating arrangement that you’d find on other narrow body aircraft.

The leg room here in the exit row is good, there’s also power available in each row. Nice when I’m typing my Delta 717 Review and need to power my phone.

There is no In Flight Entertainment on the Delta 717. These planes fly routes of less than 3 hours and are the last Delta main line aircraft to not have IFE in each seat.

The only downside to the 717 is that the exit rows are pretty far back in the aircraft. Due to the rear mounted engines the wings are also farther back than other planes.

Delta 717 ATL Departure

The flight attendants gave their safety presentation then dimmed the lights.

We pushed back right on time.

We headed towards the runway. Looks like we’ll be taking off to the west. That does add a few minutes to our flight to GSP tonight, but the whole flight is only 33 minutes.

As we made our turn back towards Greenville we got a great view of ATL from our Delta 717.

Delta 717 In Flight Review

In the air the mood lights were turned on but the seatbelt sign was also left on. This is a short flight, often the seatbelt sign will be left on for the whole flight. Due to only being 33 minutes in the air, no service was offered tonight.

Delta 717 GSP Arrival

Just a few minutes later we had started to descend. It’s getting close to 11pm and I’m tired.

Once on the ground we met a Delta 717 friend. These are pretty common into and out of GSP.

Final Thoughts

While I’m glad to be home, it’s always bitter sweet leaving family. Reviewing the Delta CRJ900 in First Class isn’t anything new. The service is fine and it’s always nice to enjoy a beer on a short evening flight. The Tallahassee airport’s little observation deck is a fun place to hang out and kill an hour. I’m glad they’ve kept the area open to the public.

The Delta 717 in economy has got to be one of the most reviewed planes on KBT. So I’m just living up to my kinda boring name. It’s a decent ride and in economy, is one of the better narrow body aircraft.

All in, this was a perfectly pleasant way to get from TLH to GSP.

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