Flight Review: Delta Air Lines 717 Comfort Plus Review. Let’s go to Alaska!

It’s time for another vacation, this time we’re headed to Alaska to do some hiking, relaxing, and camping. Like with other trips, I’ll be reviewing the transportation and hotels, you know the kinda boring stuff. Val will follow up with the more fun portions of the trip like the adventures and what to do in each place.

We’re heading to Fairbanks first. Getting to Fairbanks from Greenville SC isn’t the easiest thing in the world. For us, we decided to take a single stop from Charlotte instead of two stops from Greenville. Our first flight of the day is a Delta 717 in Comfort+ on the CLT-MSP route. I’ve reviewed the Delta 717 several times, but this is one of the longer Delta 717 routes and should be good for a review.

I did apply a Delta regional upgrade certificate, but no luck. First Class was completely sold out a few weeks back. I was a little surprised, it’s a Saturday afternoon, but whatever, it’s a pretty short flight and the Delta 717 in comfort+ is very comfortable, especially with a companion on the two seat side of the aircraft.

Date of flight: September 2022

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CLT Airport

We arrived at the CLT airport about 90 minutes before our flight. We had to check bags so we’re a little be earlier than usual. I don’t check a bag very often so as weird as it sounds the whole process is a little foreign to me. I’m so accustomed to showing up at an airport 45 minutes before a flight and just walking onto a plane.

We passed through security and then went to the Amex Centurion Lounge. I’ve reviewed the CLT Centurion before and you can check that out if you want.

CLT airport

After hanging out in the lounge for about a half hour, we received the Delta boarding notification and started the walk down to our gate. Just a heads up, the walk from the Centurion Lounge to the A gates, that Delta uses, here at CLT is pretty far. Budget a good 10 minutes of walk time.

Delta 717 Comfort Plus Boarding and Seat Review

Delta 717 comfort plus boarding

Right on time we boarded our flight up to Minneapolis.

Delta 717 comfort plus seats

We found our seats on the left side of the plane. The Delta 717 has economy seats arranged in 2-3 configuration. The two seat side of the plane is perfect for couples. It’s much better than the 3 seat arrangement on most narrow body planes. Sorry about the blurry picture.

Delta 717 comfort plus seat legroom

The leg room in these Comfort Plus seats is very good. There’s also power available in every row. I don’t connection through MSP very often, GSP doesn’t have direct flights so DTW and ATL cover most of my layovers. It’s funny carrying a jacket onto the plane when it’s nearly 90f outside, but up in Fairbanks it’s in the 40s so I have to deal with it.

Delta 717 comfort plus seat

However the 717 is the only plane in the Delta mainline fleet that doesn’t have in seat entertainment. The 717 doesn’t fly long routes so it’s not a huge deal, but this flight is nearly 1000 miles and I’d love to have it.

Delta 717 baggage

Luggage on the 717 can be a little complicated. The right hand side of the plane has overhead bins that can hold regular carry-on bags wheels or handles first. But the left hand side isn’t deep enough for that. It’s not usually an issue, but some people get confused.

Delta 717 Departure and Takeoff

Delta 717 departure

We pushed back a few minutes early and made our way out to the runway.

Delta 717 takeoff

We’re a few minutes early and the Delta app is showing us with an early arrival into MSP. Our Delta 717 took off to the South with a nice view of Downtown Charlotte.

Delta 717 in flight

As we climbed we turned towards MSP. Lots of boats out on the lakes today, it’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon here in North Carolina.

Delta 717 in flight

The seat belt sign was extinguished and I settled into a podcast. The Delta 717 doesn’t have in seat entertain but it does have power for devices.

Delta 717 Comfort Plus In Flight Snack Service Review

Delta 717 comfort plus cabin in flight

After a few minutes in flight the flight attendants told us about the drink service and the pilots added their welcome.

Delta 717 comfort plus drink and snack service

In Comfort Plus, Delta offers an enhanced snack and beverage service. After the snack basket, the flight attendants came though with the drink carts. The flight attendant serving us was super friendly and nice. I got a New Belgium Fat Tire(One of my favorite beers) and Val got a Sweetwater Hazy IPA.

Comfort Plus get’s free alcoholic beverages, on short flights it doesn’t usually matter, but it’s Saturday afternoon and I’m on vacation.

Delta 717 over the clouds

Outside we’re above the clouds and about halfway through our flight up to MSP.

Delta 717 Bathrooms

The seatbelt sign has been on and off for most of the flight, I’d say it’s pretty smooth, but just mild bumps somewhat frequently. Normally I wouldn’t really care, but I do kinda need to pee, so I’d like for the opportunity to get up and use the bathroom.

Delta 717 rear bathroom

Fortunately, the seatbelt sign soon went off and I checked out the rear bathroom. On the Delta 717 the bathrooms are not huge, but they are serviceable. There are two in the rear and one in the front.

Delta 717 rear bathroom

Delta uses a blueish tinted light in the bathrooms. I’m not sure why that is.

Delta 717 Comfort Plus In Flight

Delta 717 cabin

A different flight attendant, the one who has been servicing first class came though and thanked Valerie and myself for our Delta statuses. Not sure how I feel about that but I guess it’s a nice gesture.

Delta 717 Comfort Plus second water service

With about an hour left in the flight, the super friendly flight attendant came back through and offered a drink refreshment, we both just opted for water.

Delta 717 Comfort Plus in flight over Iowa.

We crossed over Iowa and it’s vast flatness. The seatbelt sign went back on as the pilots just came on and told us we’d be landing into MSP in about 30 minutes.

Delta 717 Comfort Plus in flight

We slowly started our decent in and water bottles were passed out by the very friendly flight attendant. I declined, well be on the ground soon enough.

Delta 717 MSP Approach and Landing

Delta 717 over MSP

As we approached Minneapolis, the flight attendants came through and collected the trash. Outside it looks fantastic, lovely clear day, we should land about 20 minutes early, not bad at all.

Delta 717 Landing in MSP

Just under 2 hours from CLT, we landed.

Delta 717 Comfort Plus Final Thoughts

Delta Comfort Plus is a good product, but it’s not first class. On short/medium flights the service is pretty comparable and on the Delta 717 the seats are very good on the two seat side of the airplane. There just isn’t quite the space or comfort as First Class, but it’s very close.

The Delta 717 is a good plane too, up front it’s very quiet. The rear is a different story, but that’s for a different time. I do wish the 717 had in flight entertainment, but I understand the reasons it’s missing.

I don’t mind whenever a Delta 717 show up in my itinerary. I won’t go out of my way to travel on them, but they are more than pleasant enough for short routes. I’m glad to be on-time and here at MSP. This isn’t an airport I frequent, we have a somewhat long layover before our flight up to Fairbanks.

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