Lounge Review: Air France CDG Terminal 2F Salon Schengen Area Lounge.

On our trip to Copenhagen we were flying through Paris. CDG airport is Air France land, it’s the main hub and has a ton of Air France Lounges. My favorite Air France Lounges is the one in Terminal 2F. CDG Terminal 2F is for Schengen Area flights. Since we’re going to CPH and departing from this terminal, we can use this lounge. I’ve been here a few times, but never wrote a review of the Air France lounge.

Air France does a lot of things right, the AF Lounges at CDG are one of those things. They are well staffed, clean, comfortable, and not often crowded. It’s a refreshing change of pace from the experience in many other lounges these days.

CDG can be a confusing and frustrating airport. But the Air France 2F Salon (lounge) is the best lounge in the airport and might be one of my favorite lounges in the world. It’s definitely in the top 5 lounges I’ve ever visited. They just do everything right, with a little bit of French flare. I genuinely look forward to the Air France 2F Lounge.

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Air France CDG Terminal 2F Salon (Lounge) Location

Air France CDG 2F Lounge Entrance

Like the name states, the Air France lounge is located in Terminal 2F here at CDG. This is off the main hallway between the two boarding gate piers on the departures level. It’s very easy to find and the Air France Salon sign cannot be missed. It’s important to remember, this Air France lounge is only for flights departing from Terminal 2F. Unless you’re on a Schengen area flight, you don’t have access to this lounge.

Air France CDG Terminal 2F Salon (Lounge) Layout

Air France CDG 2F Lounge Main Level

The Air France CDG 2F lounge is massive. It’s spread over 2 floors with several buffets on each level. This is the main floor. The entrance is to the right.

Air France CDG 2F Lounge Main level

From a few stairs up you can see half of the bottom floor and the main buffet and bar. Along the wall is a self service coffee station. To the right is the help desk along with the check in area.

Air France CDG 2F Lounge Second Floor

Upstairs is just as large and has it’s own buffets and self service bars. There is a lot of seating in this Air France lounge and it just looks fantastic.

Air France CDG 2F Lounge Second Floor

Looking back is where the showers and spa are. I’ll discuss the Air France Showers in a second.

Air France CDG 2F Lounge Second Floor Seating

This second floor of the Air France Lounge is my favorite. It’s usually more quiet than the main level.

Air France CDG Terminal 2F Salon (Lounge) Food and Drink

Air France CDG 2F Lounge Buffet

This is the breakfast spread at the Air France Lounge buffet. Lots of cold options with a single hot dish. More than enough for a breakfast.

Air France CDG 2F Lounge Bread Buffet

There’s a separate buffet for breads and deserts. They take their breads very seriously here at the AF lounge. Several different types of bread along with croissants and then deserts.

Air France CDG 2F Lounge Drink and Coffee Station

Along the wall is self service coffee and tea. There’s also a cold case with sodas, juice, beer, and water.

Air France CDG 2F Lounge Self Service bar

Finally the decently well stocked self service bar. It was 6 in the morning so I didn’t partake on this visit.

Air France CDG Terminal 2F Salon (Lounge) Showers

Note: These pictures were taken on a different visit.

Air France CDG 2F Lounge Shower Room

Ok, this cannot be understated, taking a shower after a redeye flight is amazing. Getting cleaned up before another flight or even getting onto the train is so relaxing. The Air France Lounge here at CDG has great private shower rooms.

Air France CDG 2F Lounge Shower

They are fully equiped and very clean. It’s the perfect spot to unwind after a long flight.

Included in the shower rooms are towels along with a nice little luggage rack. This is such a pleasure to use.

Air France CDG Terminal 2F Lounge Final Thoughts

I really love the Air France CDG 2F lounge. It just does everything right, there’s nothing over the top, it’s just a very solid lounge.

Accessing the lounge is easy if you’re flying a Schengen flight from CDG. If you’re not, you won’t have the ability to check out this lounge. Once inside the space is huge and spread across 2 floors. My recommendation is heading up to the second floor.

The second floor of the Air France lounge also has private shower rooms. They are very clean and spacious with all the amenities provided. It’s a great place to get refreshed after a long flight.

The food selection is solid, nothing outlandish and no table service, but it’s a nice buffet spread. The drinks are self service as is the coffee and tea. There’s lots of seating and quiet secluded areas can be found. I really like using this Air France lounge here at CDG.

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