Hotel Review: Aloft Cincinnati West Chester Ohio

Another week, another trip to West Chester, and another hotel review. This time I’m staying at the Aloft Cincinnati West Chester. This is my third trip to the West Chester Cincinnati area in the last 3 months. On previous trips I stayed first at the West Chester Hilton Garden Inn(Review Here), next I stayed at the Hampton Inn West Chester(Review Here). There’s nothing wrong with those hotels, I liked both of them, but the Aloft caught my eye on a previous trip so I decided to switch it up.

I’ve stayed at and reviewed several Aloft brand hotels and usually enjoyed myself. The Aloft Cincinnati West Chester is no different, I had a very nice stay. The room was comfortable and clean, the location was good, for West Chester, and the hotel was very quiet for my stay. I would gladly stay here at the Aloft West Chester again.

In This Review

Aloft West Chester Location

As the name implies, the Aloft is located in West Chester. This is about 30 minutes north of Cincinnati just off I-75. In the area are a few decent restaurants, I personally enjoyed Thai Coon Kitchen that’s just down the street.

Aloft West Chester Lobby and Check-in

Aloft Cincinnati West Chester Exterior

I arrived at the West Chester Aloft just after sunset. It’s December so twilight is somewhat early and it makes the hotel stand out among the other buildings.

Aloft Cincinnati West Chester Lobby and check in

Inside the Aloft, the check in desk and elevators are off to the left. In the middle of the lobby is a sitting area. Off to the right is the bar and lounge area.

Aloft West Chester Room Review

Aloft Cincinnati West Chester Room First Impressions

I walked into my room at the Aloft West Chester and I found myself in the bathroom. Not many rooms have this type of arrangement. Beyond the partition was the bedroom area.

Aloft Cincinnati West Chester Desk and lounge area

Just into the bedroom was a small sitting area with a table. I did use this as a desk, there’s an outlet on the wall, it’s a little odd, but is sufficient.

Aloft Cincinnati West Chester beds

To the right are the beds and TV on a swivel. The wall art should look familiar, it’s the same as in the Aloft Arlington TX that I reviewed last year.

Aloft Cincinnati West Chester Queen Bed

I ended up in a 2 queen room as this was a somewhat last minute trip and the Aloft West Chester was mostly booked up and this was all they had left. When given the option, I usually pick the the bed farther from the window, just habit at this point really.

Aloft West Chester Bathroom Review

Aloft Cincinnati West Chester bathroom

The bathroom here at the Aloft West Chester is a little different than most hotels. It’s behind where the beds would be. Instead of a long and thin room, they are the opposite shape, they are short and wide. I don’t mind this arrangement at all, but I’m alone. With other people, it’s a little annoying when someone turns on a light to wash their hands.

Aloft Cincinnati West Chester

In this part of the room, behind the sink and next to the door was a closet area and a luggage rack. I hung up my shirts for the week.

Aloft Cincinnati West Chester Shower Area

Further on, past the sink was a sliding door that concealed the toilet and shower. I like this arrangement when I’m alone.

Aloft West Chester Room Features Review

Aloft Cincinnati West Chester Fridge and Coffee

In my room was a small fridge and coffee maker. No in room microwave here at the Aloft West Chester.

Aloft West Chester Room View

Aloft Cincinnati West Chester Room View

Outside the Aloft West Chester was nothing remarkable. We’re in suburbia, pretty much just strip malls and parking lots.

Aloft West Chester Bar

Aloft Cincinnati West Chester Hotel bar

In the lobby of the Aloft West Chester is the WXYZ Bar. The WXYZ Brand is shared among Aloft hotels. I didn’t get a chance to get a drink here, on this trip, but it did seem to be somewhat lively for a hotel bar in suburban Ohio.

Aloft Cincinnati West Chester Lobby Bar

Surrounding the WXYZ Bar were some sitting areas that really felt like a lounge. In the mornings this was a popular meeting area for people staying at the hotel.

Aloft Cincinnati West Chester Lounge

A few nooks held cocktail tables, I don’t think anyone was brave enough to sit here. It’s a little odd but a nice little touch for a somewhat trendy hotel.

Aloft Cincinnati West Chester Lobby Area

Opposite from the WXYZ Bar’s lounge area is a small meeting table and a pool table. Over all the lobby and lounge here at the Aloft West Chester is very trendy and matches the brand very well.

Hotel Review: Aloft Cincinnati West Chester Final Thoughts

The Aloft is the 3rd hotel that I’ve stayed at and reviewed here in West Chester. I’m not sure why the prices area all over the place and as such I’ve been jumping around hotels on these trips. I liked the Aloft’s location, it’s very close to several restaurant and bar options. The lobby area was very modern and hip too.

The rooms were a very good size and I liked the little informal desk area, perfect for doing work or lounging and watching some TV. The bathrooms were different than most other hotels, but not in a bad way. The only downside would be if you’re traveling with another person, the sink is in the same space as the bed room so someone washing their hands in the night would light up the room. I enjoyed the Aloft and would gladly stay here again.

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