Lounge Review: Escape Lounge CVG Airport

On a recent trip to Cincinnati I had the chance to check out and review the Escape Lounge at CVG Airport. This trip home I’m flying home on Southwest, usually when I come to CVG I ride with Delta. On Delta I like to spend a little time in the Excellent CVG Skyclub that I’ve reviewed before. Now that I’m on Southwest, I don’t get access to the Skyclub. I’ve been to a couple Escape Lounges, including the Escape GSP that I’ve reviewed, and really enjoy them.

The Escape Lounge CVG is a good lounge, small, but nice. When I visited the lounge wasn’t very crowded so I was able to relax and enjoy a little quiet time before my flight. The food selection is also small, but they had some pretty good hot and cold choices. The bar was small but again well stocked. All in, the Escape Lounge CVG is a nice spot to wait for a flight. Let’s get into the review.

Bottom Line: The Escape Lounge is a nice little spot to relax before a flight. Not huge, but is well serviced.

Escape Lounge CVG Location

Escape Lounge CVG Location

At the CVG Airport, the Escape Lounge is located in the B Concourse just across from gate B21. This is the Concourse that both American and Delta use so if you’re flying with them, the Escape Lounge is close. If you’re flying another airline, like I am today, give yourself a few minutes to walk to the A Concourse.

Escape Lounge CVG Review

Escape Lounge CVG Seating

First things first, the Escape Lounge here at CVG is small. This is the entirety of the lounge. The entrance is in the middle, just in front of the check in podium. To the left is the bar that has some seating. In the back is the buffet, where I am is the sitting area with some comfy chairs and a high top bar. Just to the right of the buffet is the bathroom.

Escape Lounge CVG Seating

I liked this high top bar with the stools. It was perfect for me as a solo traveler to get a snack and use the power outlets to charge my phone.

Escape Lounge CVG Seating

Against the Escape Lounge side wall were some of these plush chairs. They looked nice but I’m not sure how functional they are.

Escape Lounge CVG Bar Review

Escape Lounge CVG Bar

It was early afternoon when I visited the CVG Escape Lounge so I didn’t have anything to drink, but they had 3 beers on draft alongside wine and liquor.

Escape Lounge CVG Buffet Review

Escape Lounge CVG Buffet

In the very back of the Escape Lounge is the buffet. There were a few hot options alongside a few cold salads. Not bad at all for a small lounge.

CVG Escape Lounge Final Thoughts

The CVG Escape Lounge is very small but a nice lounge. Mostly because it’s not very crowded and for me, that’s the best feature of a lounge. I like the Escape Lounge’s snack selection along side the nice relaxed seating. The bar also seemed to have a pretty decent selection for it’s diminutive size.

If you have an hour to kill before a departure from CVG, I’d definitely recommend the Escape Lounge. Just keep in mind the location in the B Concourse, you’ll need a few minutes to get back to the A Concourse unless you’re flying with Delta or American.

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