Lounge Review: Delta Skyclub Atlanta Airport Concourse T

The Atlanta Airport is Delta land. This is extremely evident in the lounges here at ATL. Delta has 9 Skyclubs here at ATL and an often overlooked Delta Lounge is the Concourse T Skyclub. The T Concourse is the Domestic head of house terminal here at ATL and includes security for passing to the airside of the airport. You can of course get here using the ATL plane train from any of the other concourses.

The ATL Concourse T Skyclub is a bit of a hidden gem. The Skyclubs here at ATL have had a serious overcrowding issue. Trying to find a spot to relax has become really difficult and the ATL Concourse T Skyclub is often less busy than the other locations. While I wouldn’t ride all the way down here on the hope that it’s empty, if I’m departing out of the T Concourse I’ll certinaly at least stop by and see if it’s crowded. Anyway, let’s get into this Skyclub Review.

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ATL Concourse T Skyclub Location

The T Concourse at ATL is a little different than most Concourses as it’s the head of house concourse and only has gates one a single side. The middle of the Concourse has the Plane Train and Security. Delta occupies the lower numbered gates and that’s where the T Concourse Skyclub is. Right between Gates T6 and T7 is the entrance to the Skyclub.

Upstairs you’ll find the entrance hallway where you can check in to the Skyclub.

ATL Concourse T Skyclub Space

When you first walk into the ATL T Concourse Skyclub there’s a large seating area just behind you if you’re facing the check in desk.

Looking down the seating area isn’t huge, but at least it’s not as crowded as some of the other ATL Skyclubs.

I found a nice seat by the window. At each of the seats there is power, most have USB and 110v but some just have 110v. The space isn’t huge, but it’s enough to not feel tiny.

Looking down the windows you get a sense of the size of the T Concourse Skyclub. I’m in the very back corner, on the right is the window, then moving left is the large sitting area, past that along the opposite wall from the windows is the bar and buffet.

At the end of the room, all the way opposite from the entrance is a big screen TV that’s divided into lots of different sections. I was here during football season so the largest screen was showing the game.

ATL Concourse T Skyclub Buffet

The buffet here at the Skyclub isn’t anything amazing but it’s enough for a light snack between flights. There was a hot soup option but everything else was just cold stuff. Sandwiches, a few salad options, and then sweet stuff.

In the back corner was the self service beverage area. Along side the coffee machine they also have coke products. This is Atlanta after all.

ATL Concourse T Skyclub Bar

Along the wall opposite from the windows and where I was seated was the Skyclub Bar. Not a huge space here in the T Concourse, but I think it’s pretty nice looking. It’s late and I’m tired so no drinks tonight for me.

ATL Concourse T Skyclub Bathrooms

Along side the windows and back towards the entrance are the restrooms.

ATL Concourse T Skyclub View

I always try to sit next to a window so I can get a view outside, no different here. Outside you get a view of basically the whole airport, you can see all the airplanes waiting at the A concourse and beyond. It’s dark here tonight

ATL Concourse T Skyclub Final Thoughts

The Concourse T Skyclub here at Atlanta isn’t the newest Delta Lounge, but it’s a perfectly pleasant spot to relax between flights for a little while. Nothing over the top, but this Skyclub’s best feature is that it’s not overcrowded. Because the T Concourse only has half the gates as a normal concourse here at ATL and even then, Delta only uses half of the concourse so it’s even less demand on the Skyclub.

If you’re flying out of the T Concourse I’d definitely recommend the Skyclub down here. The only downside is that the buffet selection isn’t amazing. The F, B, and E Concourse Skyclubs definitely beat the food selection, but those are often very crowded and far away. End of the day, I like this Skyclub and will certainly use it again.

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