Lounge Review: Delta Skyclub Seattle Airport

The Seattle Airport is one of Delta’s west coast hubs. From SEA there are lots of flights to the Pacific North West along with Hawaii and Aisa. As a Delta hub, SEA has a very large and pleasant Skyclub. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite lounge, but the SEA Delta Skyclub is very solid. The food selection is good, there’s plenty of space to relax, and the location is convenient for most Delta departures.

After our arrival from Atlanta, we had little more than an hour layover. Interestingly we’d be riding on the same Delta 757 to Kauai as we had from Atlanta. We arrived into gate A4 and would be departing from the same gate. Seattle is also home to a Centurion Lounge, but it’s in the B concourse and on a short layover, I’ll take the Skyclub that’s close by. Anyway, let’s get into this Skyclub review.

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Delta Seattle Skyclub Location

The Delta Skyclub here in Seattle is in the A concourse, just next to gate A1 so we headed that way. Full disclosure, these pictures of the Delta Skyclub came from 2 different trips, once in the morning and once in the afternoon so there maybe a few differences to be found.

Seattle Delta Skyclub Entrance

This is one of the larger Skyclubs in the system, it’s also relatively new. The location is great if you’re departing from the A gates, the S or B gates are a little far, but still usable if you have enough time.

Delta Seattle Skyclub Space

Seattle Delta Skyclub View

This is a very large space, but doesn’t feel as large as The Delta Atlanta B Concourse Skyclub that Val checked out a few weeks ago.

There are two main areas. A main floor level that has the bar, buffet, and check in counter. Then upstairs there is another seating area with a small table of snacks and drinks. The bathrooms are on the first floor and there are 2 separate sets of stairs going upstairs.

Delta Seattle Skyclub Seating

On the first floor there are a very diverse selection of seating types. Here you can see some desks, high top bar seating, pod style chairs, and regular lounge chairs. There are power outlets at pretty much every seat, I was grateful for that.

Seattle Delta Skyclub Seating

On the first floor there’s even more types of chairs. Really, I don’t think I’ve seen this many different seating options in a lounge before. It does a good job of breaking up the space and giving it a little bit of separation.

Upstairs there are even more types of chairs and tables. We settled into the bistro style tables here on the right. Upstairs is generally more quiet than down.

Delta Seattle Skyclub Food

Seattle Delta Skyclub Lunch

Because we visited twice, on two separate trips, I can show what the two different types of selection looks like. During the afternoon and evening there were a few options for hot food, sandwiches, and a meat and cheese selection. I opted for some mac and cheese, black beans, shredded beef and a chicken sandwich. I also got a cookie for desert. This was very adequate for a short layover.

Seattle Delta Skyclub Breakfast

On a different trip I was there for breakfast. Nothing fancy here, small cheese omelet, sausage, and an English muffin. This was ok, about the same as you would get in a Holiday Inn Express or Hampton Inn.

There’s also a great view from the lounge. Sadly this Skyclub doesn’t have an outdoor Skydeck. I’d say this lounge is perfectly pleasant but nothing that would make it my favorite.

Seattle Skyclub Final Thoughts

The Seattle Skyclub is nice, but it’s nowhere near as nice as the Salt Lake City Skyclub. It was a great place to grab a quick snack before our flight to Hawaii. It’s also a nice place to relax after our arrival from Hawaii.

The views from the SEA Skyclub are very good, but unfortunately there’s no outdoor Skydeck that seems to be more common with the newer Delta Skyclubs. The seating areas are very good here at SEA. Lots of different types of seating ranging from work tables to comfortable lounge chairs.

All in, I like the SEA Skyclub and would gladly return.

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