Flight Review: Delta Air Lines 717 First Class

It’s been a while since I’ve done a good old fashioned kinda boring flight review. Today’s flight is perfect, Delta Air Lines 717 in First Class from GNV to ATL. As usual, I didn’t buy first class, I was upgraded. This Delta 717 flight to Atlanta is only about an hour so I’m unwilling to pay for anything over regular economy. Plus the 717 is pretty comfortable, even in economy.

I’ve been on the Delta 717 lots of times in all the different cabins. It’s been a while since I’ve been up here in First Class on the Delta 717. I usually enjoy my 717 flights, it’s a somewhat unique aircraft these days. In economy it has a 2-3 seating arrangement and instead of under wing engines, they are mounted to the rear of the plane. For those of us in first class, it’s very quiet, for those in the rear, it’s a little less pleasant and is what I consider the worst seat in the Delta Fleet.

Anyway, let’s get into this Delta 717 Review.

In This Trip

GNV Airport Boarding

GNV is a small airport, though it has recently been expanded from 3 gates to 5 gates. I arrived about 50 minutes before my flight up to Atlanta.

I quickly passed through security and made my way to the air-side part of the GNV terminal.

Tonight I’ll be departing from Gate 1. This is in the new section of the GNV Airport.

There was another Delta flight to Atlanta that was delayed and departing when I arrived. It was a little hectic with two different planes both leaving to ATL at nearly the same time, but the agents did a good job of giving directions and keeping everyone informed.

Our Delta 717 had just arrived and was soon unloaded so that we could begin boarding.

Delta boards by zone, first class is the 3rd group to board. It’s a little odd and I think excessive the number of zones, but whatever, I don’t run the airline.

Delta 717 First Class Seat Review

I boarded and found my seat on the left hand side on the Delta 717 in the first class cabin. The Delta 717 has 12 first class seats arranged in 2-2 configuration over 3 rows. I’m in the final row of first class for tonight’s flight. The Boeing 717 is the only Mainline Delta Aircraft that doesn’t have in seat entertainment screens.

The leg room is pretty decent on the 717 in First Class. No complaints from me, but I’m also not that tall. I stuffed my bag in the overhead and put my jacket under the seat in front of me.

The 717 has a power port for each person in First Class, fun note, this is the last flight review with my old phone, I’m pretty gratefull for that as the battery life is really starting to suffer. Waiting in our seats was also a bottle of water.

Looks like we’re going to be just about on time for our departure, the plane was a little late arriving but doesn’t seem to be a big deal.

Outside the other delayed Delta flight to ATL was also done boarding and just about ready to push back.

The flight attendants gave the safety presentation and we sat at the gate for a few minutes. Looking out the window, there seems to be some stray bags causing some confusion.

The pilot came on again and told us we might be a few minutes delayed, about 20 minutes after our departure time. Bags are the issue, seems that some bags were pink tagged and the 717 being a mainline plane cannot take pink tagged valet bags. So they had to get tagged correctly before we could depart.

Delta 717 First Class Takeoff

About 25 minutes after our scheduled departure time, we pushed back. I’m a little concerned as I only have a 44 minute connection in ATL and I’ll be pushing it a little close. Should be ok as long as we get out of here pretty quickly. GNV being a small airport, we were soon in the air.

Takeoff was nice and smooth. It was a really clear night and as we made the turn towards Atlanta, I got a nice view of little Gainesville and GNV.

Delta 717 First Class Drink Service

The flight attendant came around the first class cabin to take some drink requests. I decided to just have a coke. While Delta does offer a full selection in first class, even on this short 717 trip, I’m not in the mood. 2nd day of the year and I’m just not feeling anything else.

The tray tables here on the Delta 717 in first class are in the center arm rests. They have a half fold option for just drinks. Or fold it all the way open for a full meal. The snack basket made an appearance here in first class. I’m a sucker for these cookies and I always like pistachios.

Delta 717 First Class In Flight Review

As we passed over Macon, the pilot came on and told us we’ve started to descend into Atlanta. Would be about 20 more minutes and only about 5 minutes late to the gate, I can deal with that.

Delta 717 First Class ATL Arrival

The flight attendant came around and collected the trash from the snack service. He then came around and thanked us all in the first class cabin. He also told me my gate information for my next flight to GSP. He was very friendly and a great ambassador for Delta.

And just a few minutes later we were on the ground in Atlanta. We’re late, but I should make my next flight without issue.

Delta 717 First Class Final Thoughts

The 717 isn’t super amazing, but it’s somewhat unique these days. With less than 200 still in service, it’s a somewhat rare plane. In first class the ride is good, though there is no in flight entertainment screen in your seat. The flights that Delta uses the 717 on are short runs of less than 3 hours, so it’s not a huge deal, but just something to remember. While this flight was delayed, it ended up not mattering for me.

Domestic First Class usually isn’t very extravagant, the Delta 717 is no different. The seat was very comfortable for the hour flight between GNV and ATL. Power was provided and I made use of it to charge my phone. The drink and snack service is better than economy, but obviously not 5 start dining.

At the end of the day, I like the Delta 717 and First Class is perfectly pleasant. I wouldn’t pay cash for it over economy, but I’ll gladly accept the upgrade.

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