Delta 737-900 Review: First Class vs Comfort+ vs Main Cabin

The Delta 737-900 is the most common plane in the Delta Fleet(February 2022). They have more than 150 in the fleet and are adding more via used plane purchases. The majority of the Delta 737-900s, or 739 as they are known, have 20 First Class seats, 21 Economy Comfort seats, and 139 Main Cabin (Economy) seats. As the 739 is a relatively new plane to the Delta fleet, they have all the modern features you’d expect from a full service airline.

Delta uses the 737-900 on all sorts of routes. From the really short trips under an hour to longer trips of over 5 hours to Hawaii and Alaska. While mostly used on Domestic US routes, the 739 also does international trips to the Caribbean, Central America, and within North America. While other airlines use the 737 on trips to Europe, Delta doesn’t.

It should be known that the Delta 739 isn’t my favorite plane to ride on. Not that it’s terrible, just that I like other planes in the Delta fleet better. The Delta 737-900 does some things really well, but others are a real drag. I like the in seat entertainment options but hate the slim seats. The overhead bins are large, but the boarding times suck. Overall the Delta 739 is ok, not amazing, but not terrible.

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Delta 737-900 Seat Comfort

First Class

On the Delta 739 in First Class there are 20 seats arranged in a 2-2 pattern across 5 rows. All of these seats have the same leg room but I like to avoid the bulk head as those seats the foot space seems a little tight and you cannot keep a bag at your feet.

Comfort Plus

The Comfort Plus seats on the Delta 739 are arranged in a 3-3 configuration with 4 rows on one side of the plane and 3 on the other. These seats are a standard economy seat with extra leg room for comfort. I avoid the first row of Delta Comfort Plus.

On the right hand side as there is a bulk head and I’m not a huge fan, on the left side the entertainment screens come from the armrest and are a little less nice than being in the seat back. The leg room in that row is excellent however. Otherwise, all of the seats are about the same.

Main Cabin

The Main Cabin economy seats on the Delta 739 are a generic 3-3 configuration. The best seats in the Main Cabin are the exit rows, some of these have amazing leg room.

The standard seats are all about the same, just look out for row 15/16 on the left hand side, it’s missing a window. The leg room in the Delta Main cabin seats can be a little tight in the leg room department, not my favorite plane in economy.

Delta 737-900 In Seat Entertainment

A great feature of the Delta 737-900 is that there’s in seat entertainment at every seat. Bring your own headphones or Delta has some to provide, but I’d strongly recommend your own. The section is very good and many planes include a live TV option for flights inside the US.

First Class

The Entertainment screens in Delta’s 739 First Class are very good. They are large, responsive, and have a tilt feature so that if the person in front of you reclines, you can adjust your monitor for a better view. The screens in First are 11″ and also have a USB port for charging devices. The selection of shows and movies is very good on Delta.

Comfort Plus and Main Cabin

Comfort Plus and the Main Economy Cabin on the Delta 739 also have individual entertainment systems in each seat. While not as large of a screen, 9″, the media selection and screen features are the exact same throughout the plane. Lots of shows and movies to watch along with live TV on many planes(in the US). These screens also have a USB port to keep devices charged.

Delta 737-900 Meals and Snacks

First Class

On flights of longer than 900 miles, Delta offers a full meal in First Class on the 739. These can often be pre-selected online or in the app. These meals tend to be decent, but not amazing. It’s a domestic flight, not long haul business. (Full disclosure, this picture is from an A321, but the service is the exact same on the Delta 737-900.)

On shorter flights, a pass of the snack basket and free drinks are provided. The snack basket is very similar(if not the exact same) as provided to Comfort Plus passengers.

Comfort Plus

In Delta’s Comfort Plus, passengers get an enhanced drink and snack offering. The snack offerings are more extensive than in the Main Cabin. In Comfort Plus on the 739 you also get free alcoholic beverages along side the standard soft drink options.

Main Cabin

Delta’s 737-900 main cabin passengers get a standard drink and snack offering. Included are soft drinks, coffee, and tea. There’s also a snack choice, usually cookies, nuts, or chips. Beer, wine, and liquor are also available for purchase.

Delta 737-900 Wifi

A great new(February 2023) addition to the Delta 737-900 is free wifi for all Skymiles Members. You don’t need to have status or anything, just your Delta log-in credentials. The free wifi should be available on most Delta 739s, but there are a few where the system is not yet installed or it’s not working properly. You can check out my full review of the free Delta Wifi here.

Delta 737-900 Amenities

When it comes to features the Delta 737-900 is pretty decent for a short haul domestic aircraft. On thing that benefits everyone is the larger overhead bins. They are large enough to hold bags on their sides giving more room for bags. Just look for the signs in the bins that denote the orientation that the bag should be stored.

Another great feature on the Delta 739 is there are universal 110v power ports in every row. Every seat also has a USB port on the entertainment system to charge devices. Perfect for long flights where you want to keep your phone charged for when you land.

Something I don’t like about the Delta 737-900 is the individual overhead air vents. They just don’t put out enough air to make a difference. If you’re hot, unfortunately there’s not much relief.

Delta 737-900 Final Thoughts

The 737-900 is a real work horse for Delta Air Lines. They deploy the 739 on short hops and long, basically wherever they need the capacity. It’s not the most capable plane, but it’s very versatile. Obviously First Class is the most comfortable, followed by Comfort Plus, and finally Main Cabin Economy. Some seats are better than others, but across the cabins, most are pretty equivalent.

I won’t go out of my way to ride on or avoid the Delta 737-900, I will say I much prefer the A321 in pretty much any cabin.

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