Flight Review: Delta 737-900 First Class. ATL-CVG Trip Report.

Let’s get into a nice boring flight review. Today I’m heading up to Cincinnati with Delta on a 737-900 in First Class. I’ve ridden on the Delta 739 a lot of times in all 3 cabins, but it’s been a while since I’ve done a review. I’m not a huge fan of the 737-900, but riding on one in First Class is certainly more enjoyable than anywhere else.

Today’s flight from ATL-CVG is booked for about 1:30 gate to gate, or just over an hour in the air. On shorter routes like this, I really don’t enjoy the 737-900. It’s a long thin plane so boarding and deplaning takes forever. In First Class you do get to board first and are one of the first off the plane so that helps considerably. All things considered, the Delta 737-900 is fine, but nothing amazing.

In This Trip

Delta 737-900 Boarding

Delta 737-900 First Class Boarding At ATL

I walked down to the gate at our scheduled boarding time. Unfortunately, just as I arrived a delayed notice popped up on the board. The plane and pilots are here, but we’re waiting on flight attendants. I’ve not had great luck with flights being on time lately.

Delta 737-900 First Class Boarding

About a half hour late, we began the boarding process. First Class is the second group to board after pre-boarding passengers who need a little more time.

Delta 737-900 First Class Cabin

Delta 737-900 First Class Cabin

I boarded the Delta 737-900 first class cabin. There are 20 First Class seats arranged in 5 rows of 4 seats each.

Delta 737-900 First Class Seats

I’m seated in the last row on the left hand side of the plane. This is my preferred seat on these flights. Not sure why, but I like the last row on these flights.

Delta 737-900 First Class Seat Review

Delta 737-900 First Class Leg Room

Leg room on Delta’s 737-900 in First class is pretty good. I don’t have any issue getting comfortable in these seats. Even with my jacked and computer bag under the seat in front of mine, plenty of space. There’s also power provided in these seats, one outlet per person.

Delta 737-900 First Class Cabin

Here’s one thing I really don’t like about the 739, the overhead vents are not very good. They just don’t put out enough air.

Delta 737-900 First Class In Seat Entertainment

Delta 737-900 First Class In Seat Entertainment

The Delta 737-900s have in seat entertainment in every seat. The screens here in First Class are slightly larger than the ones in the rest of the plane. They are very responsive and easy to use, the selection is also very good.

Delta 737-900 First Class ATL Departure

Delta 737-900 First Class Departure Cabin

The flight attendants did a good job of speeding up the boarding process in an attempt to get us off the gate faster. We were soon ready to push back, still delayed though, just better than it could have been.

Delta 737-900 First Class Push Back

Just about 30 minutes late we pushed back.

Delta 737-900 First Class Take Off

We headed for the runway. The pilots made their welcome announcement and told us the flight would be 1:13 minutes in the air.

Delta 737-900 First Class View of ATL Airport

Little glum outside here in Atlanta. I don’t think it’s going to be much better when we land in “Cincinnati.”

Delta 737-900 First Class In Flight Review

Delta 737-900 First Class In Flight View

Once in the air, we pointed towards Ohio and it was pretty smooth flying. Even between the clouds here it was very pleasant.

Delta 737-900 First Class In Flight

On short flights like this I usually just watch a re-run of a show I enjoy. Today’s selection was Shitt’s Creek, I really need to re-watch that show again.

Delta 737-900 First Class Snacks and Drinks

Delta 737-900 First Class Drink Service

The flight attendant came around and asked if we’d like something to drink. It’s 1 in the afternoon and I’ll be working when I land so I just had a water.

Delta 737-900 First Class Snack Service

Next came the snack basket. I went with pistachios and these chocolate cookies. They are really good, but I wish they used dark chocolate instead of milk.

Delta 737-900 First Class Window View

Outside we’re above the clouds and more than half way to CVG. The pilots told us we’d be landing in about 20 minutes and that the seatbelt sign would be on for the rest of the flight.

Delta 737-900 First Class Approach into CVG

A few minutes later we began descending through the clouds as we approached CVG.

Delta 737-900 First Class Arrival Into CVG

Delta 737-900 First Class View Of CVG

We passed below the final layer of clouds and got a glimpse of what the weather would be like in the Cincinnati area. Looks cold and cloudy.

Delta 737-900 First Class Landing

Just a few minutes later we were on the ground. Only a little bit of snow on the ground, and while cloudy, not raining or actively snowing so I’ll take it.

Delta 737-900 First Class Final Thoughts

The 737-900 isn’t my favorite plane, but in first class it’s perfectly pleasant. On a short flight like this one between ATL-CVG the service isn’t anything amazing, but it’s better than what you’d get in the Main Cabin. I like a quick snack when I travel, helps to pass the time. I also like that the Delta 739 has a great in seat entertainment system. It’s one of the better features of the plane.

I do wish this flight was on time, being delayed always sucks. They tried hard to catch back up, but in the end we were just over a half hour delayed. Happens, but sucks. At the end of the day this was a perfectly pleasant trip, kinda boring, but that’s the point.

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