Flight Review: Air France Hop! ERJ170 Economy. NUE-CDG

Today we’re flying from Nuremberg to Paris with Air France Hop! on their ERJ170 in Economy. Air France Hop! is the regional carrier for Air France and is used on short haul routes around Europe. Hop! exclusively fly ERJ 170/190 aircraft. I usually really enjoy the ERJ170 aircraft and Air France is no different. It’s a great little plane for short haul trips.

Air France does a nice job with these flights. They aren’t anything special but a few little touches make this a more enjoyable experience than a low cost carrier. After spending about an hour in the NUE Durer Lounge it was time to head to the gate.

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Air France Hop! ERJ170 Boarding

Our E170 to take us over to CDG. We boarded right on time and walked out to our plane. No jet bridge, just a sent of stairs down, then over to stairs up the plane. I like the silly Air France Hop! livery.

Air France Hop! ERJ175 Economy Seat Review

Leg room was adequate for this hour long flight. Though the plane was a bit grubby.

No in seat entertainment options on the Air France ERJ170. The flight lengths that these planes are used on just doesn’t warrant the effort.

The plane was mostly full, a few empty seats, but not many. It’s a somewhat late night flight and seems like mostly business travelers.

Air France Hop! ERJ170 Push Back and Takeoff

We pushed back right on time. The KLM ERJ190 was heading back to Amsterdam in a few minutes.

Air France Hop! ERJ170 Economy Snack and Drink Service

Soon we were in the air and they began the snack and beverage service.

A nice small snack and I just had water, though they did have other soft drinks, coffee, and various alcoholic drinks. There were no choices for the snack, simply do you want one. I kinda like that approach. Fast and easy. The snack was a small carrot, lettuce, and hummus wrap. Perfectly for such a short flight.

Air France Hop! ERJ170 CDG Arrival

About an hour later we landed in CDG. I really am not fond of this airport but this ERJ170 flight was perfectly pleasant for the short Hop!

And as always at CDG, for some reason I ended up on a bus…

Air France ERJ170 Final Thoughts

I like the ERJ170 and the Air France version is no different. It’s a perfectly pleasant way to get around Europe. The little snack and beverage service was a nice touch for a short flight. Even in Economy, the 2-2 seating arrangement on the ERJ is very pleasant and I like it more than most 3-3 narrow body configuration.

Intra-Europe flights are interesting to me. They are very inexpensive, somewhat comfortable, and usually better than the North American equivalent. Even on a full service carrier like Air France, this flight was only 80 Euro. I’ll gladly ride on the Air France ERJ170, even though the terminal Hop! uses here at CDG isn’t the best.

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