Flight Reivew: Delta Air Lines 757-200 First Class. LIR-ATL

Today we’re heading back home after a great long weekend in Costa Rica. We’ll be riding on a Delta 757-200 in First Class. It’s been a really long time since I’ve been on a Delta 757 in First Class and I’m looking forward to relaxing on the 4ish hour flight home. I didn’t purchase a First Class ticket for this trip, my upgrade cleared for this trip a few days ago. It’s also nice because this is a mid day flight and Delta serves a meal on this trip. If you’d like to check out a Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus review, here’s the trip that brought us here.

I love riding on the Delta 757 in First Class. Just everything about the experience is better than the other narrow-body aircraft in the Delta fleet. One thing to note, Delta has a subset of 757-200s with a Delta One cabin, this is not that plane.

When you board you can turn left and no one is passing through the cabin. The 757 is a quiet aircraft but is also very comfortable up front, the ride is usually very good too. With a mid cabin bathroom, it’s really rare for anyone to even pass through the First Class cabin. Delta also does a good job with in seat entertainment on the 757 and first class is fitted with larger screens than the rest of the plane. All in, I enjoy when a Delta 757 is on my schedule, especially in First Class.

In This Trip

LIR Airport

LIR Airport Security and Check-in Line

We arrived at LIR airport just about 2 hours before our flight back up to Atlanta. We are traveling with friends who are checking bags so we stopped by the Delta counter to drop those off. While there, we were asked the standard security questions and our carry on luggage was tagged. The airport was busy so we headed to the line for immigration and security. Just note, there’s no air conditioning in this part of the airport.

LIR Airport Security and Check-in Line

I was a little surprised at how long the line was, but it moved very quickly. Here at LIR you pass exit immigration just before the security check. The first line for immigration took about 30 minutes.

LIR Airport Security and Check-in Line

The next line for was for security at LIR. This one was shorter and took about 10 minutes to get to the front.

LIR Airport Terminal

From arrival curbside, including our friends checking bags, we were air-side in just about 45 minutes. Not bad but longer than I would have expected for such a small airport. It’s something to keep in mind though if you’re departing from LIR. Once we were airside we stopped in one of the shops to get some coffee to bring back home.

Delta 757-200 Boarding

Delta 757 at LIR Airport

The gate area here at LIR is pretty small so it was crowded. Soon after arriving at the gate it was time to board our Delta 757(note this picture is from the trip down, I couldn’t get a good angle).

Delta 757 Boarding at LIR Airport

They started with pre-boards and then progressed to First Class. After checking our passports it seemed like everyone was directed to answer some more security questions, nothing major, just “where have your bags been?” or “did anyone give you something to bring on the plane?”

Delta 757-200 First Class Seats Review

Delta 757 First Class Seats

We boarded our Delta 757-200 and found our seats in the rear of the First Class cabin. We’re sitting on the left hand side in the last row.

Delta 757 First Class Cabin

The Delta 757-200 has 20 first class seats. They are arranged in 5 rows, with 2 seats on each side of the aisle. There was lots of space for our baggage in the overhead compartments.

Delta 757 First Class Leg Room

Leg room on the Delta 757 in First Class is very good. With my bag under the seat in front I still have lots of space.

Delta 757 First Class Water

Waiting in our seats was a bottle of water per person. This is standard for Delta First Class across all of their aircraft.

Delta 757-200 First Class Seat Features

Delta 757 First Class In Seat Power

Delta’s 757s have 2 power outlets, one for each person, in First Class.

Delta 757 First Class Over Head Panel

Even though there are only two seats per row, there are 3 air vents to match the number of seats in the economy cabin per row. These aren’t great, they just don’t put out too much air.

Delta 757 First Class Drinks Tray

The center arm rest has an extension. It’s great for when both people want a drink and their water bottle out.

Delta 757 First Class Pre-Flight Beverage

Like this! While the plane was boarding, the flight attendant came around and offered us drinks. I decided to have a gin and tonic as it’s hot out and I want something refreshing. This is a great part about the 757, because it’s almost always boarded via the second door, the First Class cabin is quiet and the flight attendant has plenty of space.

Delta 757-200 First Class In Seat Entertainment

Delta 757 First Class In Seat Entertainment

Every seat on the Delta 757 has it’s own entertainment. In First Class the screens are larger than the rest of the plane. They are great, large selection of movies or shows and very responsive. These also tip from the bottom so the screen is at a good angle even if the person in front reclines. There’s also USB power provided here on the screen.

Delta 757-200 First Class Departure

Delta 757 First Class Departure

Because the 757 boards from the second door our view outside has the jet bridge behind us. The plane was soon ready to go and the safety video was shown.

Delta 757 First Class Pushback

We pushed back from the gate right on time. Seems to be a popular departure time from LIR, lots of planes heading back to the US and Canada.

Delta 757 First Class Taxi to the Runway

As we taxied, the pilot came on and told us it would be a 3:50 flight up to Atlanta. That we’d also be taxing down the runway, making a U-turn and taking off on runway 7. It would be a little bumpy on takeoff due to the winds, but nothing major.

Delta 757 First Class Taxi to the Runway

We taxied to the runway as a sea of 737s looked on at our way better 757.

Delta 757 First Class Takeoff

All the little 737s at the LIR airport. Seems to be a very popular type around here, fortunately we’re on a 757.

Delta 757 First Class Takeoff View

We soon took off and made the slight turn north. The takeoff from LIR is beautiful, it’s also fantastic as we passed over the countryside and the shoreline.

Delta 757 First Class View

It was a little bumpy and the see seatbelt sign was left on for a few minutes.

Delta 757 First Class Window View

If you have the opportunity, I’d really suggest a window seat on the departure from LIR. The coast line is just incredible.

Delta 757 First Class Lunch Service

Delta 757 First Class Cabin In Flight

Once our Delta 757 climbed above the clouds the flight attendant came around and welcomed us. Delta serves a hot meal in first class on this flight. She then confirmed the meal orders for those who had preselected a meal and took the order for those of us who had not. We’re in the latter category. The meal options were a beef burrito, salad with chicken, or mushroom pasta. We both select the burrito.

Delta 757 First Class Meal Service

About 10 minutes later table cloths were passed out and drink orders were taken.

Delta 757 First Class Beverage Service

The flight attendant soon returned with our drink selection. I had another Sweetwater Hazy IPA.

Delta 757 First Class Lunch Service

About 10 minutes later our meals arrived. The burrito was more than good enough, but the best part of the meal was the salad. It was quinoa with lentils and feta. I wish the salsa was hotter, the burrito was tasty but pretty mild. The chocolate cake dessert was also excellent.

Delta 757 First Class Lunch Service

I honestly really enjoyed this Delta First Class meal. I’m not often a fan of plane food, but this was actually good. A nice hot burrito, the very good salad, and then chocolate cake. It’s simple and I think that helps, being pretentious isn’t always a good thing. The flight attendant came around and cleared our places and asked if we needed anything else. I declined and was ready to settle into a movie for the remaining two-ish hours of the flight.

Delta 757 First Class Cabin Curtain

The curtain between First Class and Comfort Plus was pulled shut and the cabin lights were dimmed.

Delta 757 First Class In Flight

Delta 757 First Class In Flight View

Outside it was a beautiful clear day for flying.

Delta 757 First Class Window View

Our Delta 757 passed almost directly over Cancun before slightly turning towards Atlanta.

Delta 757 First Class In Flight Map

We took a slightly different route back to ATL in comparison with the trip down.

Delta 757 First Class Drink Service

The flight attendant came around and offered drinks and more snacks to the First Class Cabin. I just had a water as I was still nice and full from the lunch service.

Delta 757 Bathroom

Delta 757 First Class Front Bathroom

I decided to go change into pants. The front bathroom isn’t very large on the Delta 757, but it was just big enough that I didn’t struggle too much.

Delta 757 First Class Cabin In Flight

Delta 757 First Class Arrival Into ATL

Delta 757 First Class Sunset View Over ATL

Outside we’ve just passed over the coast of the US. The sun is starting to set as we were about 40 minutes outside of Atlanta.

Delta 757 First Class Cabin

The flight attendant came through the First Class cabin as we prepared for arrival into ATL. They also made their standard end of flight announcements.

Delta 757 First Class Window Sunset

The pilot came on and told us about the weather in Atlanta and that we should have a slightly early arrival. Unfortunately not early enough to avoid our impending 3 hour layover. We did get to see a pretty nice sunset.

Delta 757 First Class Landing at ATL

A few minutes ahead of schedule our 757 touched down in Atlanta. With the one our time change and the afternoon departure it’s now dark outside.

Delta 757-200 First Class Final Thoughts

I always love riding on the Delta 757 in First Class. It’s just a very solid product for domestic and short haul international flights. As usual, I didn’t pay for this First Class flight, I was upgraded. If I had to choose only one direction to get upgraded on it would definitely be the return of a vacation instead of the outbound. That’s exactly what happened on this trip, our outbound we didn’t get upgraded and rode in Delta’s 757-200 Comfort Plus, but on the way home we got upgraded to First Class.

This Delta 757-200 First Class flight home from Costa Rica was just what we needed after a short trip. The flight was comfortable, on-time, and the food was surprisingly good. I wouldn’t hesitate to order the First Class Burrito on Delta anytime, I just wish it was a little spicier. The in seat entertainment was good but this Delta 757 didn’t have the free Delta wifi that’s being rolled out to the fleet.

I’d gladly ride on the Delta 757-200 in First Class Again.

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