Flight Review: Delta Air Lines CRJ900 Main Cabin Economy. DTW-GSP

The Delta CRJ900 is a common plane. With more than 150 in service, these planes frequent smaller markets from Delta’s hubs. I like the Delta CRJ900, even in Main Cabin Economy, it’s a comfortable ride over the sub 3 hours flights they are used on. I’ve reviewed the Delta CRJ900 a few times and here’s a guide if you’d like to see a comparison of all 3 cabins.

Today’s flight is a common one for me, DTW-GSP in the Main Cabin on Delta’s CRJ900. I ended up on this flight due to a flight delay in Milwaukee that routed me via DTW instead of ATL. I’ll take that trade any day, I prefer connecting in DTW instead of ATL. After spending just about 2 hours in the DTW C Concourse Skyclub it was time to head to the gate for the Delta CRJ900 flight. Because of the flight change, I’m just in the economy cabin, I don’t really care though, I have an exit row all to myself.

Date of flight: March 2023

Delta CRJ900 DTW Boarding

Delta CRJ900 Boarding at DTW

When I originally checked into the C Skyclub I was scheduled to depart from the B Concourse, however has often happens, there was a gate changed. The Delta App informed me and so I headed through the tunnel over to the A Concourse.

Delta CRJ900 Boarding at DTW

The Delta CRJ900 waiting to take us down to GSP tonight.

Delta CRJ900 Boarding at DTW

I boarded with the Sky-Priority zone. The CRJ900 uses pink tags for gate checked bags, I didn’t bother as my pelican fits into the overhead.

Delta CRJ900 Main Cabin Exit Row Seats

Delta CRJ900 Main Cabin Exit Row Seat

I’m sitting in the exit row here on the left hand side of the Delta CRJ900. There are 2 exit rows on the CRJ900, I’m in row 13, the second of the two rows. I thing these ones are better but there’s not much difference between row 12 and 13.

Delta CRJ900 Main Cabin Exit Row Leg Room

The exit rows here have a ton of space, more than pretty much every other seat on the plane. The only downside is that in the window seat there is no arm rest on the window side.

Delta CRJ900 Main Cabin Overhead Vent

The overhead panel on the CRJ900. Nothing ground breaking here but the air vents do put out a good volume of air.

Delta CRJ900 Main Cabin Power Port

The CRJ900 has power in each seat. Here in the exit row it’s located under your own seat. There’s both USB and 110v provided, but only one per row here in the Main Cabin.

Delta CRJ900 Departure and Pushback

Delta CRJ900 Main Cabin

The plane was nearly boarded and the flight attendant came around and asked the people sitting in the exit rows if they are willing and able. The plane isn’t completely full, and there are a few stragglers to complete boarding.

Delta CRJ900 Main Cabin Takeoff

We soon pushed back and made our way towards the runway.

Delta CRJ900 Main Cabin Takeoff

We soon took off towards the south and made the slight turn towards GSP.

Delta CRJ900 Main Cabin In Flight

Delta CRJ900 Main Cabin In Flight

Once in flight it was pretty quiet. The CRJ900 doesn’t have in seat entertainment screens, but there is Wifi and a stream to your own device offering.

Delta CRJ900 Main Cabin In Flight View

Outside it was a very smooth flight. Very few clouds and we got a great view of the towns below as we slowly climbed.

Delta CRJ900 Main Cabin Drink and Snack Service

Delta CRJ900 Main Cabin Snack

The flight attendant came around and offered a drink and snack. While they were offering a full beverage service, I just went with water and SunChips. I like this combo, it’s late and I’m tired.

Delta CRJ900 Main Cabin In Flight Window View

Outside the great views continued, it’s hard to take these pictures with a phone, there’s just not that many shutter settings.

Delta CRJ900 Main Cabin Arrival Into GSP

Delta CRJ900 Main Cabin In Flight

DTW to GSP is just over an hour in flight so as soon as the flight attendants were done with their service the seatbelt sign was turned back on as we were descending into GSP.

Delta CRJ900 Main Cabin In Flight Window

Outside we got another great view of Asheville. The pilots came on and gave their farewell as the flight attendants came through and did their final safety checks and then took their seats.

Delta CRJ900 Main Cabin Landing GSP

A few minutes early we landed into GSP.

Delta CRJ900 Main Cabin Final Thoughts

Delta’s CRJ900 isn’t extravagant, it’s a 70ish seat regional jet that takes people to small or medium cities. I think it’s important to point out that the CRJ900 is very different from the terrible CRJ200. Even here in The Economy Main Cabin, the Delta CRJ900 is a comfortable ride, though I was very spoiled by having an exit row to myself.

I don’t mind when the Delta CRJ900 is on my schedule. It’s a good plane that serves a very specific purpose.

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