Travel Guide: OSL Airport Express Train vs Vy Regional Train. Is FlyToGet worth the money?

The Olso Gardermoen Airport (OSL) is about 35km to the North of Oslo city center. The fastest way into Olso is via the trail. Driving will take more than 40 minutes while the fastest train can have you into the train station in less than 20. I love when public transit is the fastest option.

There are two train options when it comes to the airport trip. The fastest and most direct is the FlyToGet train. The slightly slower is using the Vy Regional trains. Both trains service the exact same stations at the OSL Airport and Oslo Central. FlyToGet is setup specifically to be an airport express train and as such has some slightly different features than the Vy Regional trains.

Oslo Central Station

The bottom line to me is that FlyToGet is not really worth the money. It’s about 4 minutes faster and costs nearly 110NOK~(10EUR-10USD) more.

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FlyToGet vs Vy Regional Train: Cost

Fly to Get Train

FlyToGet costs 230NOK~(23EUR) for the one way trip to or from the Oslo airport. Vy R10/Re11/12 costs 118NOK~(12EUR) for the same trip. Both FlyToGet and Vy sell tickets online, in the stations, and on their apps. In my opinion, just buy a ticket when you get the station from one of the kiosks. So when it comes to price Vy Regional is basically half the cost of FlyToGet.

FlyToGet vs Vy Regional Train: Time

Oslo Airport is about 40km from the city center. Driving would take about 45 minutes where the trains are less than half the time. FlyToGet takes between 19 and 22 minutes depending on the departure and if it stops at Lillestrøm. The fastest FlyToGet trains are direct from Oslo Central to OSL Airport.

R11 Train at Oslo Central Station

The Vy Regional R10 (or Re11/12) trains take 23 minutes and all of them stop at Lillestrøm.

FlyToGet trains will be faster than the Vy Regional Trains, but the time is really marginal. At most the FlyToGet is 4 minutes faster than the Vy Train.

FlyToGet vs Vy Regional Train: Frequency

FlyToGet operates a ton of trains between OSL Airport and Oslo City Center. The first FlyToGet train leaves Oslo Central at 4:40am and the last departs at Midnight. Between 6:00am and 10:30pm the trains depart every 10 minutes. There’s pretty much always a FlyToGet train either going to or from the airport.

Oslo Central Station

The Vy Regional trains that go between the OSL Airport and the City Center run a little less frequently and the departure times are not as regular. The first Vy Train leaves at 4:54am and the last is at 12:24am. At the peak of the day there are 4 departures per hour. Early and late in the day it ramps down to 2 per hour. They are also not evenly spaced, sometimes it could be less than 10 minutes between departures, other times you’ll have to wait closer to 30 minutes.

So when it comes to departure frequency, FlyToGet has the edge over Vy regional trains. They are very regular and easy to predict, Vy is a little less frequent and less regular.

FlyToGet vs Vy Regional Train: Comfort

When it comes to comfort but FlyToGet and the Vy Regional train are about the same. Neither is bad and both provide plenty of space. One thing to note is that the Vy Regional train could be busy with commuters and finding a seat isn’t guaranteed where as FlyToGet you’ll always have a seat.

FlyToGet vs Vy Regional Train: Luggage Storage

The FlyToGet Trains are designed for airport runs, each carriage, near the door has a luggage rack. You won’t have a hard time finding a space to put your suitcase on the FlyToGet trains.

VY Train

the Vy Regional trains are designed for commuters and regional travelers so they have storage for suitcases but not as much as FlyToGet. If you’re a light packer, the overhead racks are more than large enough for a carry on bag and the luggage storage near the doors of the carriages is for larger bags.

Luggage Storage

FlyToGet vs Vy Regional Train Final Thoughts

Getting between Oslo and the OSL airport is fast and easy on the train, it’s much faster and easier than driving between the two. The Vy Regional R10/Re11/R212 trains are cheaper than FlyToGet but they don’t run quiet as frequently. The Vy Regional trains are also just a minute or two slower, but really, that doesn’t matter.

Both are perfectly pleasant rides with enough space to store luggage and more than enough space to relax for the short 20 minute trips. The bottom line is that I’d save the money and ride the Vy Regional trains between OSL and the City Center. Unless you’re running very late and the next departure is the FlyToGet, I’d just take the Vy train.

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