Lounge Review: Delta Skyclub ATL Concourse F

Delta is a huge player at ATL, it’s their home airport and because of that they have 9 Skyclubs spread across the 7 concourses. The flagship Skyclub at Atlanta is the Concourse F Skyclub. This is also my favorite Skyclub here at ATL. If I have the time, I’ll certainly make the trip all the way to the F Concourse during a connection. Getting around the ATL airport is easy so it’s not a big deal to change terminals.

The F Concourse Skyclub has decent food, a good bar, lots of space, showers, and an outdoor skydeck. This is the international terminal and Delta want’s to make a good impression. In my opinion, the ATL Concourse F Skyclub is the best lounge at the Atlanta Airport.

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Delta Skyclub ATL Concourse F Location

The Delta ATL Concourse F Skyclub is located on the second floor of Concourse F. When you arrive in the terminal, take the escalators up to the mezzanine and Skyclub.

The F Concourse is the international terminal, but at ATL all of the concourses are connected airside by the plane train and you can freely move between them without more security checks. You can check the Skyclub access requirements here with Delta directly.

Delta Skyclub ATL Concourse F Seating

When you enter the Concourse F Skyclub to the right is a large seating area with lots of different chairs. There are sofa style chairs, bistro tables, lounge chairs, and high top bar seating. There are also some individual work stations. Upstairs there is more seating.

To the left is the buffet and bar. Past that is more seating. The main bathrooms are just to the left here. At the end of the hall are showers.

Upstairs there is yet more seating. This area is often very quiet and a nice spot to relax. I like to sit here when the Skydeck is closed for bad weather.

Delta Skyclub ATL Concourse F Buffet

The buffet selection at the Skyclub here at Concourse F has the best food selection of any other Delta lounge. There are often 3-4 hot options, 2 soups, a salad bar, and then cold options like sandwiches and charcuterie. There’s definitely enough here to make a light meal.

Delta Skyclub ATL Concourse F Bar

The bar is right in the center of the Delta Skyclub. There are lots of free drinks and also some more premium options for purchase. I rarely buy anything from the premium list, mostly because I like the craft draft beers they have for free.

Delta Skyclub ATL Concourse F Skydeck

My favorite place to spend the time here at the Concourse F Skyclub is the outdoor Skydeck. From here you can watch the planes come and go, and because it’s the international terminal, it’s mostly larger widebody planes.

The Skydeck is open day and night when the weather is nice. It’s the perfect place to relax with a dark and stormy(premium drink).

Delta Skyclub ATL Concourse F Final Thoughts

The Delta Skyclub at ATL Concourse F is a great lounge to spend a few hours in. If I have that much time, I’ll make the trip down here even if I’m departing from another Concourse. The buffet is good, the bar has a nice selection, there are showers, but the best part is the Skydeck. I love that Delta is adding more Skydecks in places like the Austin Skyclub(Full Review) and Salt Lake City Skyclub(Full Review).

I think that Delta is doing a good job making the Skyclubs a pleasant place, but they are often very crowded. Hopefully that will be under control soon and that will make the Concourse F Skyclub here at ATl even better.

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