Travel Guide: Delta Air Lines 757-200. First Class vs Comfort Plus vs Main Cabin Economy

Delta is the largest operator of the Boeing 757 with 127 of them in service . The back bone of that fleet is the 757-200 with 110 flying around. Delta uses the 757 on all sorts of routes. High density stuff to vacation destinations like Las Vegas, long routes to Hawaii or Europe, and high performance stuff like leaving SNA in Orange County all are prime Delta 757 routes. In some of those cases, there isn’t another plane that can fill the roll.

From a passenger stand point the Delta 757-200 is a great ride. The cabin is nice and roomy and boarding from the second door is just better for everyone. First Class and part of Delta Comfort Plus can turn left when boarding, it’s silly but a fun little indulgence. While the Delta 757 isn’t as common as it once was, it’s still a workhorse and used all over the Delta route network. Keep in mind, Delta has a 757 configured with Delta One business class, those are easy to distinguish as they have 16 business class seats and are labeled 75S, where the rest of the 757-200 fleet has 20 seats up front.

I’ve fortunate to ride on the Delta 757-200 in all 3 cabins, First Class, Delta Comfort Plus, and Main Cabin Economy. If you’d like to see a complete review of each trip:

Delta 757-200 First Class Review

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In This Review

Delta 757-200 Seats and Leg Room

First Class Seats and Leg Room

Delta 757-200 First Class Seats

The Delta 757-200 has 20 first class seats arranged in 2-2 configuration across 5 rows.

Delta 757-200 First Class Leg Room

The leg room here in the First Class 757 cabin is good, a little more than standard on the domestic Delta fleet. The 757 is also a little bit roomier than most other narrow body planes.

Comfort Plus Seats and Leg Room

Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus Seats

Comfort Plus on the Delta 757-200 is divided into two separate cabins. The smaller forward cabin has 2 and a half rows of 3-3 seating. This is my preferred seating area, it’s a little more quiet and separate from the rest of the plane.

Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus

Behind the door is the other Comfort Plus cabin. This section has 3 and a half more rows of 3-3 seating.

Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus Leg Room

The leg room here in Delta Comfort Plus is very good. These are the same seats as in Economy, but with an extra 3 inches of leg room.

Main Cabin Economy Seats and Leg Room

Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus LEg ROom

The leg room on the Delta 757-200 in the Main Cabin Economy seats is adequate but nothing amazing. The good news is that the seat width is more than most planes.

Delta 757-200 Exit Row

The best Main Cabin seats on the Delta 757-200 are the exit rows. There are 2 exit rows on the Delta 757-200, the better of the two is the most rearward rows. These can recline where the ones closer to the front cannot. The only downside is the tray tables in the arm rests. They are not movable.

Delta 757-200 Exit Row Leg Room

The legroom in the Delta 757-200 exit row seats is fantastic. There’s more leg room here than in the Comfort Plus seats.

Delta 757-200 Meals, Snacks, and Drinks

First Class Seats Meals, Snacks, and Drinks

Delta 757-200 First Class Meal

On Flights of more than 900 miles that depart around meal time, Delta offers a plated hot meal on the 757-200 in First Class. This was a bean and beef burrito I really enjoyed. This was accompanied by a Sweetwater Brewing IPA.

On shorter flights, Delta offers drinks and snacks in First Class.

Comfort Plus Seats Snacks and Drinks

Delta 757-200 First Class Snacks

In Delta Comfort Plus on the 757-200 drinks and snacks are also included. This is a slightly enhanced snack offering than what would be offered in the Main Economy Cabin.

Delta 757-200 First Class Snacks

In fact, the snack offering in Delta Comfort Plus, the snacks are pretty much the same as what is offered in First Class on the 757-200.

Main Cabin Economy Snacks and Drinks

Delta 757-200 Main Cabin Economy Snacks

In the Main Economy Cabin on the 757-200 there’s a snack and drink service. Soft drinks are included and beer, wine, and liquor are available for purchase. The snack offerings are usually cookies, nuts, or crackers. Nothing amazing, but not terrible either.

Delta 757-200 In Seat Entertainment

All Delta 757-200s have in seat entertainment. Unfortunately there’s a wide variety ranging from very good, to very bad. It does exist, so you’ll will always have something to watch.

First Class Seats In Seat Entertainment

Delta 757-200 In Flight Entertainment

The Delta 757-200 has great 11″ screens in First Class. They are responsive and the selection of movies and shows is quiet good. There are some older 757s in the Delta fleet, but no mater what plane you’re on, the First Class in seat entertainment will be the same, unlike in the Comfort Plus or Main Cabin.

Comfort Plus and Main Cabin Economy In Seat Entertainment

Delta 757-200 In Flight Entertainment

Here’s were things get different. On some Delta 757s, the in seat entertainment for Comfort Plus and the Main Cabin is great. Nice, fast, responsive screens with plenty of movie and show options.

Delta 757-200 In Flight Entertainment

Unfortunately here’s the other option for entertainment on Delta 757s. These screens are small, somewhat dim, have difficult to use resistive screen, and a somewhat limited selection. Sadly, you won’t know what version of in seat entertainment you’ll get until you walk on the plane.

Delta 757-200 Amenities

First Class Seats Amenities

There’s nothing too fancy about Delta’s 757-200 First Class, but it does have all the amenities you’d expect for a domestic and short haul international first class cabin.

Delta 757-200 First Class Power Outlets

Every seat in the Delta 757-200 First Class cabin has power available. There’s both 110v from a universal port and USB power on the IFE screen.

Delta 757-200 First Class Arm Rest

There’s a small little extendable tray in the center arm rest. This is nice for when both passengers have drinks and water bottles they want to keep out.

Comfort Plus and Main Cabin Economy Seat Amenities

Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus Power Outlets

Delta Comfort Plus on the 757 has power in each seat too, but there are only 2 outlets per row of 3 people. Not usually an issue, but you might have to share. The Main Cabin Economy Seats share the same configuration.

Delta 757-200 Comfort

I find the 757 to be a comfortable plane, in all cabins. I think it’s a much preferable experience in comparison with the 737 or A320 series of aircraft. However, some seats are obviously better than others.

First Class Best Seats and Comfort

Delta 757-200 First Class Comfort

The leg room here in the Delta 757-200 First Class cabin is good. Even a tall person wouldn’t find these seats tight, but then again also not roomy. I don’t think any particular seat here in the First Class cabin is better than any other. The only difference is the first row is the bulkhead, some love this row but others, like me, don’t.

Comfort Plus Best Seats and Comfort

Delta 757-200 Comfort Plus seats

The leg room on the Delta 757-200 in Comfort Plus is good, these are just regular economy seats though so while there is extra leg room, there’s still a middle seat. If you’re looking for leg room, the best Delta Comfort Plus seats on the 757 are row 19 seats A/B/C. There’s unlimited leg room, but it’s right next to the door and I tend to avoid those seats. Row 15 is the bulk head but there’s no solid wall so it has very good legroom, but the video screen extends from between the seats, I’m not a huge fan of that either.

In my opinion, the best Comfort Plus seats on the Delta 757-200 are rows 16 and to a lesser extent row 17. These are boarding to the left so it’s more private. Row 17 is near the bathroom so that can bother some people.

Main Cabin Economy Best Seats and Comfort

Delta 757-200 Exit Row Legroom

On the Delta 757 in the Main Cabin the best seats are the exit rows 26 and 27. There’s a ton of leg room here, it’s almost the exact same as sitting in Delta Comfort Plus. I prefer row 27 as row 26 has limited recline.

Delta 757-200 Main Cabin Leg Room

The rest of the Delta Main Cabin Economy seats on the 757-200 are all about the same. I prefer to sit just in-front of the wings if possible, it tends to be a little more quiet here.

Delta 757-200 Final Thoughts

I love riding on Delta’s 757s. They are a very comfortable plane and are widely used though the Delta route network. All three cabins on the Delta 757-200 are comfortable and I think it’s my favorite large narrow-body. The 757-200 party piece is that you can turn left when boarding if you’re in First Class or the front part of the Comfort Plus cabin.

At the end of the day I’ll gladly ride on the Delta 757-200.

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