Lounge Review: Delta Skyclub San Diego Airport

Before heading back home, we stopped at the Delta Skyclub here at the San Diego Airport. The San Diego Airport is an outstation for Delta but is large enough to have a Skyclub. I really like the SAN Airport, it’s just a nice place to fly to or from. The SAN Skyclub here is no exception, I like it. While not huge, it’s a great place to spend an hour while waiting on a flight.

I liked that the SAN Airport Skyclub, it’s a nice bright space with lots of seating. It has what I would call a mock Skydeck that while inside, feels outdoors due to it’s placement inside the main terminal. The bar was well stocked and the buffet has enough snacks to hold us over. If you have access, making a stop here at the San Diego Skyclub is worth the effort if you have time, but it’s not worth an early arrival.

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San Diego Delta Skyclub Location

At SAN, Delta uses Terminal 2. This is a really nice airport terminal that is used by most of the full service airlines. The low cost carriers use Terminal 1.

Delta Skyclub San Diego Location

Between gates 46 and 47 there is an escalator that heads up to a mezzanine level where the SAN Delta Skyclub is located.

Delta Skyclub San Diego Entrance

Once upstairs, follow the signs to the right and you’ll see the entrance to the SAN Skyclub and the front desk inside.

San Diego Delta Skyclub Seating and Space

Delta Skyclub San Diego Seating and Space

Just inside the door to the Skyclub is the main space. These seats are pretty normal for most Skyclubs. There are mostly low comfortable chars with tables. There are also outlets near each seat too so you can charge your devices.

Delta Skyclub San Diego Seating and Space

If you move into the SAN Skyclub and around the corner there are some high top tables along with some low booth style seating.

Delta Skyclub San Diego Indoor Terrace

Past the bar and to the left is the terrace area. This feels a lot like a Skydeck that other Skyclubs have, but we’re inside the main terminal area.

Delta Skyclub San Diego Lounge View

Down below is just the terminal space. If you sit near the balcony edge, you can also watch the planes outside. That Delta 757 is going to take us to Atlanta soon enough.

Delta Skyclub San Diego Seating

Moving along the indoor terrace towards the back there is more seating along with some work space areas. This is also were the bathrooms are located.

San Diego Delta Skyclub Buffet and Snacks

Delta Skyclub San Diego Snacks

Out on the SAN Skyclub indoor terrace there is a snack and drinks station. The snacks here are small sweets, savory items, and fruit. The drinks are just water and lemonade along with coffee and tea.

Delta Skyclub San Diego Buffet

Inside the main portion of the San Diego Skyclub there is the main buffet. They have a pretty decent selection of small hot options and then a small salad bar section with plenty of choices. I wouldn’t call this a meal, but you can certainly get a heavy enough snack.

San Diego Delta Skyclub Bar

Delta Skyclub San Diego Bar

Next to the buffet and inside the SAN Skyclub’s main space there is a bar. They had a nice selection of draft beers and then then usual bar options. There is also some seating here at the bar if you were so inclined.

San Diego Delta Skyclub Final Thoughts

The SAN Skyclub is a great place to relax before a departure. San Diego has a great Skyclub for a Delta non-hub airport. It’s a nice bright space with plenty of seating. I especially like the outdoor feeling terrace that overlooks the rest of the terminal. Of course I would prefer it to be outside in the Southern California weather, but I’ll take what I can get.

The buffet and bar here at the SAN Skyclub has more than enough options to keep you held over before a departure. Nothing amazing, but enough for me. I would gladly spend an hour here before a departure.

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