Lounge Review: DTW Airport Center Concourse A Gate 38 Skyclub

The Detroit Airport is a major hub for Delta Air Lines. To handle the traffic, Delta has 5 Skyclubs here at DTW. The Largest Delta Skyclub at DTW is located in the Center of the A Concourse across from gate A38. In the A Concourse Delta has 4 Skyclubs and there’s another one in the B/C Concourse. It seems a little lopsided, but then again the A Concourse is the longest terminal in the US.

The DTW A38 Skyclub is an older lounge that is a holdover from when DTW was a world gateway for Northwest Airlines. The styling shows, not that it’s a bad thing, just that the Center A38 Skyclub has a different feel from newer Skyclubs. This Skyclub is also the largest Skyclub at DTW, so while it’s not the fanciest, it usually has the most space even when other Skyclubs are at capacity. DTW is a great place to make a connection and the Skyclub’s are a nice place to relax when doing so.

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Detroit Center A38 Skyclub Location

The A38 Center A Concourse Skyclub is located in the middle of the A Concourse at the McNamara Terminal at DTW. In the center of the terminal, just across from the fountain and somewhat under the tram station is the entrance to the Center A Skyclub. There is second Skyclub just across the hall is another Skyclub. While newer, it is also smaller and often very crowded.

Detroit Center A38 Skyclub Space

The DTW A Concourse Skyclub is a large space that’s divided into a few different seating areas. Here at the front of the lounge there is mostly lounge chair seating. There are a few low top tables in this area as well.

Looking back towards the escalators that bring you into the Delta Skyclub. This is a very large space.

Throughout the lounge there are these little stations with things like coffee, drinks, and snacks. There’s also one that acts as a business station with a printer.

Towards the back of the Skyclub tends to be the most quiet space. This area located near the escalators. The bathrooms, that include showers are also off to the left.

The bathrooms can get somewhat crowded. This is a large Skyclub and the bathroom facilities are not exactly huge.

Delta Detroit Center A38 Skyclub Buffet

In the back of the DTW Skyclub is the buffet. Depending on the time of day, there are several different hot options along with cold snacks like salads and sandwiches.

There’s also a self service soft-drinks station near the buffet.

Delta Detroit Center A38 Skyclub Bar

Delta has replaced the self service bars with full serviced ones. They have a decent selection of beer, wine, and liquor, but it’s not a super impressive space like other Skyclub bars.

I wouldn’t come to the DTW Skyclub to get a full meal, but if you want some heavy snacks and drinks it’s certainly enough.

Delta Detroit Center A38 Skyclub View

The Delta Skyclub here in the center of the A Concourse doesn’t have a view of the airplanes. It overlooks the terminal, there is a bar top where you can watch the tram come and go.

Delta Detroit Center A38 Skyclub Final Thoughts

I really like this Skyclub here at DTW. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite Skyclub here at DTW, but if I’m flying out of the A Concourse, I’m coming here. I do think I prefer the B/C Concourse Skyclub, but it’s a bit of a walk.

I really like the Detroit Airport, it’s a great place to connect. The large Skyclub here is a real advantage. There’s always lots of space to relax and have a snack and drink. I do wish there was a view of the planes, but that’s the only downside. This is an older Skyclub that keeps the Northwest Airlines theme, I kinda like that and when it’s updated I hope they keep some of the style.

At the end of the day, I’m always glad to spend some time here in the Skyclub.

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