Flight Review: Delta Air Lines A321 Comfort Plus. ATL-MKE

Today I’m riding up to Milwaukee on a Delta A321 in Comfort Plus. At just about two hours, this flight from Atlanta to Milwaukee isn’t very long. Just long enough to watch a movie and enjoy a snack. I like riding on the Delta A321 and I especially enjoy Comfort Plus. A little bit of extra leg room and a free drink makes a lot of difference. With the Delta A321 I really like the consistency. The in flight entertainment is good, the overhead bins are large, and the leg room is comfortable.

As usual, I didn’t pay extra money to ride in Delta Comfort Plus, I was upgraded due to my Delta Medallion status. On a flight of this length I wouldn’t pay for Comfort Plus, but on a long flight I would be a little more inclined to shell out the money. I’ve compared the Delta A321 Main Cabin, Comfort Plus, and First Class here. Anyway, let’s get into this review.

In This Trip

Delta A321 Boarding

I was a little worried I was going to miss my flight, my inbound from GSP was delayed and my 45 minute connection had turned into less than 20. ATL is pretty easy to navigate and I hustled to change concourses and get to my gate. I arrived and they had just called final boarding and had begun to clear standby passengers into un-boarded seats.

I was the last person to board the Delta A321. I had to check my carry-on as the overhead bins were full, but that’s ok.

Delta A321 Comfort Plus Seats

I found my seat on the left side of the Delta A321. I’m in Row 14, this is the last row of Comfort Plus on the Delta A321. Even with my computer bag and jacket under the seat in-front of me, there’s lots of leg space, but then again, I’m not very tall.

Another reason to like the Delta A321 is the air vents. They actually work. It’s starting to get hot down here in Atlanta, it’s nice to have some air to keep cool.

The crew closed the door and prepared for push back. It’s kinda nice to be the last one to board, you don’t have to sit around for an extra 25 minutes. I would do this every time if I didn’t need to find overhead bin space.

Delta A321 Comfort Plus In Seat Entertainment

The Delta A321 has very good in seat entertainment options. The screens here in Comfort Plus are large and responsive. There’s a USB port for charging devices too.

Down near my shin was a universal outlet to also charge devices. There’s apparently some leftover Cheez-its down here too…

Delta A321 Departure and Take-off

We made our way to the runway, it’s not super busy right now here in ATL so we didn’t have to wait long before it was our turn to take-off.

We were soon airborne. It’s a really clear day, but it was windy so I wouldn’t say this was a particularly smooth flight. The A321 does pretty well in rough air, but it’s still a narrow body.

We made our turn to the north and I settled into our flight up to Milwaukee.

I put on a movie and the flight attendants began their drink service. The seat-belt sign was on and off for this flight, it was a little rough at times, but nothing crazy.

Delta A321 Comfort Plus Drink and Snacks

In Comfort Plus Delta offers free beverages and snacks. Soft drinks, beer, wine, and liquor are included. When I land I’m not working so I decided to have a beer with my Sun Chips. I really like the Sweetwater beers that Delta is offering.

Delta A321 Comfort Plus In Flight

Outside, as we traveled North we got some cloud cover.

Inside the cabin it was nice a quiet. I think that row 14 is a good place to sit on the Delta A321, it’s the last row of Comfort Plus but it also has a good window view. Row 13 on the left side has an exit so lots of leg room, but no good view from the window. Row 12 does have much recline as the exit is behind. Row 11 is good, as is 10. Every row has in seat entertainment, but some of them swing out from the arm rest. Those have to be put away during takeoff and landing.

Outside were were starting to slowly descend over lake Michigan. It’s a little overcast out today, but the weather is forecast to be really nice for the rest of the week in Milwaukee. The flight attendants came around and collected trash along with doing their last safety tricks.

Delta A321 Landing

Today we’ll be landing to the South West. When flying to Milwaukee it’s usually better to sit on the right side of the plane. That way you can see the city, usually planes land to the South or South West. I didn’t have that option when selecting seats, they were sold out by the time I booked.

And on the ground here at MKE. We landed right on time, all in, a good flight on the Delta A321.

Delta A321 Comfort Plus Final Thoughts

I like the Delta A321 a lot. It’s a great plane to ride on for the short flights around North America. While Comfort Plus only has a little bit of extra leg room over the Main Cabin Economy seats, it’s nice to have even on these relatively short flights. The Delta A321 has great in seat entertainment, power in each row, and over head vents that actually produce enough air to cool.

Some Delta A321 Comfort Plus seats are better than others, I like row 14 and 11 best. Row 13 is the exit row and while it does have extra leg room, the seats on the left side don’t have a great view and the TV monitor is in the armrest. This flight to Milwaukee was easy and comfortable. I won’t avoid the Delta A321 if it’s in my future flights.

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