Flight Review: Delta Air Lines A321 First Class. MKE-GSP

I’m flying a day later than expected due to some very unpleasant weather in the Milwaukee area. Unfortunately this is my second day in a row at MKE, my first flight was cancelled the day before after being delayed by several hours. So instead of going home via DTW, I’m heading to ATL on a Delta A321 in First Class. I rode here to MKE on the Delta A321 in Comfort Plus and I’m looking forward to getting back home after a week away. It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed the Delta A321 in First Class.

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The Delta A321 in First Class is one of the better short haul aircraft in North America. The seats are nicely spaced, plenty of leg room, good in seat entertainment, and the newly added free Delta Wifi. I was really glad to be upgraded to First Class for this trip down to ATL. It cleared the night before when I was at the hotel. I was a little surprised, but very pleased. Anyway, on the second attempt to get home, this Delta A321 flight was also a little delayed, but it didn’t affect my arrival time home, so no harm no foul. Let’s get into the Delta A321 First Class Review.

In This Trip

Delta A321 First Class Boarding

Delta A321 waiting at the gate MKE

I boarded my Delta flight down to Atlanta when they called First Class. We are still a little delayed, but it’s not too bad. The Delta A321 First Class cabin has 20 seats spread across 5 rows of 4.

Delta A321 First Class Seats

I found my seat in row 5 on the left hand side of the First Class cabin. I do tend to pick the rear most row, not sure why, but I like it better than being in the middle of the cabin.

Delta A321 First Class Seat Review

The Delta A321 first class seats are very comfortable with plenty of leg room and lots of width. As with most Domestic US First Class seats, there’s nothing too special about the A321, but it’s a comfortable place to sit for a few hours.

Delta A321 First Class Overhead Vents

The overhead vents are very good too. There are 3 per row even though there are only 2 seats per side.

Delta A321 First Class Broken In flight entertainment

The Delta A321 usually has excellent in seat entertainment options. Unfortunately for me and my seat mate, ours are not working. I did ask the flight attendant about this, she tried to no avail to reset it.

Delta A321 First Class Power and Water

The Delta A321 also has power in each seat, but like the IFE, ours was not working. In each seat there was a bottle of water waiting for the first class passengers.

Delta A321 First Class Takeoff and Departure

Delta A321 First Class Push back

Once we were all on board the door was closed and we pushed back. The safety presentation was done and we were on the way down to Atlanta.

Delta A321 First Class Take off From MKE

We took of towards the South is pretty common here in Milwaukee.

Delta A321 First Class lake view on takeoff MKE

We got a great view of the lake as we climbed. It was a little bumpy, enough that the seat belt sign was left on for longer than usual.

Delta A321 First Class Drink Service

Delta A321 First Class Drink Service

On flights less than 900 miles, Delta does a drink and snack service in First Class. Beer, wine, and liquor are included along with soft drinks. I had a mild headache due to last nights activities, so I just had a Coke.

Delta A321 First Class Brought from home Meal

I also had some leftovers from dinner last night that I brought onto the plane with me. No plane food is as good as leftover brisket and sausage. Looks messy, is delicious.

Delta A321 First Class In Flight Review

Delta A321 First Class View of Chicago

Outside we passed over Chicago. Nice view of The Loop and the lake front too. Chicago is such a distinctive city from the air.

Delta A321 First Class power bank

A reminder, that even though a plane advertises it will have power and in flight entertainment, things break. Bring a battery back and alternative form of entertainment. I was able to listen to some podcasts was more than enough for this 1:30 flight. The Delta A321 also has free wifi so that was great to do a little browsing and texting.

Delta A321 First Class Cabin

The flight attendants were very attentive and friendly. They came through several times offering drink refills and passes of the snack baskets. The First Class cabin was also very quiet for this Friday morning trip.

Delta A321 First Class Window View

As we continued south we did get into some cloud cover and it got a little bumpy. The majority of the flight did have the seatbelt sign on.

Delta A321 Arrival into Atlanta

Delta A321 First Class Window View Landing

We began descending into ATL and the pilot gave his thanks and told us we’d be on the ground in just about 20 minutes.

Delta A321 First Class Atlanta Skyline

We got a great view of the Atlanta Skyline as we approached ATL from the west. There was another Delta A321 that was landing parallel with us too.

Delta A321 First Class Landing at ATL

And on the ground here in Atlanta, just about 20 minutes behind schedule. Not a big deal, I’ll make my connection easily.

Delta A321 First Class Final Thoughts

As always, I like the Delta A321, in First Class it’s a comfortable ride. Yes, this day was supposed to go differently, I was scheduled to travel home the day before. However I cannot control the weather and neither can Delta. I will say they did a good job of getting me accommodated after my cancellation. I would have also preferred if this flight was on time, but the 20 minutes didn’t affect my layover so no big deal.

A slight bummer was the non-operational in seat entertainment and power. I’m glad I always travel with some podcasts downloaded and my battery bank. Got to be somewhat self sufficient because you never know when something will go wrong. On this sub 900 mile flight, Delta serves drinks and snacks, but I brought some leftover BBQ for lunch.

After spending a week in Milwaukee, I’m glad to be heading home. At the end of the day, I like the Delta A321 in First Class and would gladly ride on it again.

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