Hotel Review: Fairfield Inn Hartsville SC

I’m currently in Hartsville, SC for work, which is a small town with only two hotels. Today, I’ll be sharing my review of the Fairfield Inn, one of the hotels in Hartsville. While it’s not my top choice—I prefer the Hampton Inn across the street—I must say that the Fairfield Inn is perfectly adequate.

When it comes to selecting a hotel in Hartsville, I usually opt for the cheaper option. Both the Hampton and Fairfield Inns are conveniently located within walking distance of downtown. On my next visit, I plan to stay at the Hampton Inn and provide a review. But for now, let’s get into the Fairfield Inn Hartsville.

Fairfield Inn Hartsville Location

The Fairfield Inn Hartsville is located right in the center of Hartsville SC. It’s located 1 block off of Carolina Ave, the main street in town. Here there are lots of great bars and restaurants. Directly across the street from the Fairfield Hotel is a great brewery called Wild Heart Brewing. Great place to walk for a beer and dinner.

Fairfield Inn Hartsville SC Exterior

Fairfield Inn Hartsville Arrival and Check-in

Fairfield Inn Hartsville SC Lobby

I arrived at the Fairfield in and checked in. The desk staff was very friendly, he checked me in and then directed me to my room. The lobby was nice enough, nothing amazing. There was also a little area with snacks and drinks for sale.

Fairfield Inn Hartsville SC Lobby

In the back of the lobby was a bar that unfortunately looks permanently closed. My room is down the hallway to the left.

Fairfield Inn Hartsville King Room Review

Fairfield Inn Hartsville SC King Room

I walked into my room here at the Hartsville Fairfield Inn. I’m on the first floor as this was a last minute reservation and this is all they had left. Not my first choice, but it’s one night.

Fairfield Inn Hartsville SC king bed

The room here was nice and clean. The king bed was comfortable as were the pillows. There were lamps and outlets to charge devices on both sides of the bed.

Fairfield Inn Hartsville SC Room Review

Across from the bed was a desk, TV, mini-fridge, and luggage rack.

Fairfield Inn Hartsville SC King bed comfort

I always like when a hotel room has a small fridge to keep leftovers in.

Fairfield Inn Hartsville SC AC Unit

The AC unit was pretty old school, the thermostat was right on the unit under the window. Nothing wrong with that, just haven’t seen it in a while.

Fairfield Inn Hartsville Bathroom Review

Fairfield Inn Hartsville SC Bathroom

The Bathroom at the Fairfield Inn Hartsville was divided such that the sink was in the same area as the bed.

Fairfield Inn Hartsville SC Bathroom

Behind the sink was a closet area.

Fairfield Inn Hartsville SC Bathroom

The toilet and shower were in the bathroom separate from the sink. The bathroom was older and there were some slightly dingy spots.

Fairfield Inn Hartsville Room View

Fairfield Inn Hartsville SC Room View

The view from the room here at the Fairfield Inn was of the parking lot. Like I said earlier, I’m also on the first floor so it’s particularly unimpressive.

Fairfield Inn Hartsville Breakfast

Fairfield Inn Hartsville SC breakfast

The breakfast here at the Fairfield Inn Hartsville is included. It’s a buffet selection with a few hot items, cold dishes, cereals, and then pastries.

Fairfield Inn Hartsville SC Breakfast

I’m not a huge fan of breakfast, but I did have some Rice Crispies because I’m boring.

Wild Heart Brewing Company

Wild Heart Brewing

Across the street from the Fairfield(and Hampton Inn) is the Wild Heart Brewing Company. I walked over and was really surprised at how good both the beer and food was. It’s a really nice place to hangout and drink a beer after work. The outdoor deck area was particularly nice.

Wild Heart Brewing

They brew their beer here on-site and have a pretty great setup. Wild Heart also has excellent wood fired pizzas. Again, totally unexpected here in Hartsville SC, but I was really impressed and would gladly come back.

Fairfield Inn Hartsville Final Thoughts

The bottom line is the Fairfield Inn Hartsville may not be my top choice among the hotels in town, but it serves its purpose well. Its central location, cleanliness, and comfortable amenities make it a suitable option for a stay in Hartsville. Additionally, the convenience of having Wild Heart Brewing just across the street adds to the overall experience.

This hotel really reminded me of the Fairfield Inn Cookeville Tn. Nothing wrong with that, the Fairfield Inn experience is pretty consistent across the brand. I would gladly stay here again, but I’d look at the Hampton Inn first.

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