2020 Hotel Reviews

Tru By Hilton Huber Heights Dayton Review-March 2020

Hampton Inn Acworth GA Review-February 2020

Hilton Milwaukee Downtown Review – January 2020

Marriott Downtown Orlando Review – January 2020

2019 Hotel Reviews

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2020 Flight Reviews

SNA-ATL-GSP Delta 737-900 and 757-200 Economy Review

GSP-ATL-IND Delta 717 Comfort+ and Delta MD88 First Class. Flying in the time of COVID

GSP-ATL-SNA Delta 737-900 and 757-200 Economy Review

DAY-DTW-GSP Delta CRJ200 and 717 Economy and Comfort Plus Review

GSP-ATL-DAY Delta Economy Boeing 717 Review

MKE-ATL-GSP: Delta MD88 Economy Review and 737-900 Economy Review

GSP-ATL-MKE. Delta 737-900 Economy Review and Delta MD90 First Class Review.

GNV-ATL-GSP. Delta CRJ Economy Review and Delta CRJ900 and Comfort Plus Review

2019 Flight Reviews

Duerer Lounge Nuremberg Review and NUE-CDG Air France Hop! Economy E190 Review

GSP-ATL-TLH. Delta MD88 Comfort Plus Review and Delta 717 First Class Review

MKE-ATL-GSP. Delta 737-900 Economy Review and Delta MD88 Economy Review

GSP-ATL-MKE. Delta MD90 Economy Review and Delta 737-900 Economy Review

GSP-DTW-EWR. Delta CRJ700 Comfort+ Review and Delta A220 (C-Series) Economy Review.

GSP-DTW-IAD. Delta 717 Economy Review and Delta CRJ900 First Class Review.

IAD-ATL-GSP Delta 737-700 Comfort+ Review and Delta MD90 Comfort+ Review.